Easy dusting hacks for your bedroom

When it comes to cleaning, dusting is often the one job that gets put off. Again. And again. And again…

Sure it’s easy to ignore that thin layer coating several items in your bedroom when you don’t look too closely.

But dust can easily build up, creating an unappealing and unhygienic space for you to lounge around in.

We spoke to cleaning and organising expert Robyn Amott, from BlessThisMess, to unearth her top tips for busting that bedroom dust for good.

Open it up

Design by Third Avenue Studio. Picture: Lookbox Living

The first thing to do is to allow a natural airflow into the space as this helps slow down the amount of dust settling on surfaces.

Robyn suggests keeping windows and blinds open during the day to allow natural airflow and light into the room.

However, be sure to have fly screens installed on windows as this will stop the dust entering the room from outside.

“Close off the window if your room is positioned close to an area where you often mow lawns as this will avoid additional dust making its way into the room.”

Wipe it down

Robyn prefers using damp microfibre cloths to traditional dusters, as these will actually remove dust instead of just moving it from one surface onto another.

Microfibre cloths are re-usable and will do the best job of removing dust. Picture: Getty

They’re also easy to pop in the washing machine when you’re done, which reduces household waste.

Don’t forget to wipe over the edges of the walls and behind furniture: “Wipe over surfaces, including skirting boards, on a regular basis, in addition to a regular vacuum of the carpet, including under beds and furniture. Move furniture away from the walls on a regular basis to clean behind them.”

Shake it off

If you want to live dust-free, pay particular attention to your bedding – often.

Keep your bed linen washed regularly to avoid dust gathering. Picture: Getty

Be sure to do a regular and thorough clean of your bedding by adding some vinegar to the rinse cycle and drying in the sunlight to help keep dust-mites at bay.

Robyn also suggests turning and vacuuming your mattress whenever you change the sheets.

Minimise clutter

If you’re the type who loves to have a few keepsakes next to your bed, it might be time to think minimal.

They might be nice to look at but they could be collecting more than just memories.

Robyn says: “Keep furniture and decorative items on a bedside table to a minimum. These are often dust collectors.”

Don’t spray it

While it might feel like you’re doing the right thing using a spray cleaner on your surfaces, often this will just make the surface sticky and possibly even damage precious wood or antiques.

So keep your cloth slightly damp and use water only.

Originally published as Easy dusting hacks for your bedroom by Erinna Giblin. Author at realestate.com.au