DIY Christmas Decorations to spruce your home up

Looking for ideas to spruce up your home?

Cinnamon Stick Candle

Fresh pine, cinnamon, nutmeg are the must-have Christmas smells for the season. Make yourself an affordable and frill-free candle that not only ‘brightens’ the mood but also smells good.

What you need: Plain white candles, Cinnamon sticks, Floral shears/Scissors, Ruler or measuring tape. Elastic bands, Burlap ribbon, Twine.

Use candle to create a festive mood through smell. Picture: pixabay

Use a candle to create a festive mood through smell. Picture: pixabay

Step 1: Measure the height of your candles using a ruler or measuring tape. Once you have the heights, cut the cinnamon sticks into different lengths that are around the same height as the candle.

Step 2: Put an elastic band around the candle and then place the cinnamon sticks into the gap between the candle and the band. Fill the whole way around with cinnamon sticks. Lift the candle up and check to see if any of the sticks fall out. If they are loose, place a few more sticks into the elastic band.

Step 3: Once the whole of the candle is covered by the cinnamon sticks, place the twine or ribbon around the outside. Make sure that it is longer than the circumference of the candle, then tie a knot!

Snowy Mason Jars

Everybody loves the multi-purpose Mason Jars and on this white Christmas, you can try beautifying the wonderful kitchenware with some bath salt and glue. You can use this as a candle holder or just simply as part of the décor.

What you need: Mason Jar, Decoupage Glue (a type of glue that can be used as a glue, sealer or varnish), Bath salt or Epsom Salt, Glitter, Flameless Tea light/ Candles, Hot Glue

Step 1: Combine 1 cup of Epsom salt with a tablespoon of glitter in a disposable plate or bowl.

Step 2: Place a layer of glue around the mason jar. Don’t put too much, in case it drips down into the Epsom salt.

Step 3: Sprinkle glitter around the jar until evenly covered. Place the jars on a cleanable surface or paper, and let them dry overnight.

Step 4: Cut a small piece of faux greenery, then use hot glue to stick it to the top of the jar. You can pluck fresh greenery from your garden as well! Finally, wrap twine around the mouth of the jar a few times and tie it off. If you want to, you can also add a flickering tea light to create extra atmosphere.

Straw-Burst Wreaths

Green pine leaves wreaths are so yesteryear. Let’s repurpose the colourful paper straws into something colourful and adorable.

What you need: Pencil, 6″ flat floral and craft ring, 1 sheet of white paper, Scissors, Hot-glue gun and glue sticks, 1 box of 144-count paper straws), Ribbon scrap

Step 1: Trace a floral ring on the paper and cut out the shape, then glue the paper to the front of the floral ring.

Step 2: Trim 49 straws down to 16.5cm, 49 straws down to 13.9cm, and cut 25 straws in half to get 50 pieces of short straws.

Step 3: Apply a dot of glue near the center of the ring, then paste a long straw so one end is flush with the inner ring. Continue to go around and add long straws one by one, until the ring is covered.

Step 4: Apply a another dot of glue near center of ring, in the crevice between 2 of the long straws. Paste a medium-sized straw so one end is flush with the inner ring. Continue to go around, adding medium straws evenly spaced between the longest straws.

Step 5: Repeat with short straws, spacing them between the medium straws. Let everything dry overnight.

Christmas clothespin wreath

Nowhere to display your Christmas cards? This Christmas clothespin wreath is going to help you kill two birds with one stone; arrange your Christmas card and jazz up your house.

What you need: wire clothes hanger, yard of ribbon, 1 pack of clothespins, green spray paint, red round beads, wire cutter/pliers, glue gun, empty box

Christmas wreath. Picture: pixabay

Christmas wreath. Picture: pixabay

Step 1: Spray 3-4 coats of paint on the clothespins, then let them dry overnight.
Step 2: Cut the hook off your wire hanger, and bend it into a circle.

Step 3: Start sliding clothespins and bead in alternate order onto the wire.

Step 4: Continue until the wreath is almost full, and the wires overlap about 1.5 inches.

Step 5: Glue the beads and clothespins together with a good amount of glue.

Step 6: Cut a piece of ribbon, tie it around the wire, then trim the ends and glue that to the wires.

Step 7: Using the rest of your ribbon, tie a bow and glue that on top of your hanger.

Essential Oil Diffuser Christmas Tree Ornament

Why spend money when you can make your own Christmas tree ornament? This essential oil diffuser ornament is one-of-a-kind, and it also smells great.

What you need: White thread, Bead needle, 1 Spacer bead, 8 Round beads, 1 Star bead, 30 Inch Ribbon and Essential oil.

Step 1: Start by threading your bead needle with white thread. Take one spacer bead and tie the thread around it in a knot. This acts as the bottom of the tree.

Step 2: Thread the lava bead next. Lava beads are porous and will soak up and hold essential oils. The oils sit on these beads and slowly diffuse into the air. This bead will be your “diffuser” on the ornament.

Step 3: After the lava bead, thread on your ribbon, followed by one pearl bead.

Step 4: Continue threading in the following order: Ribbon, pearl, ribbon, pearl, ribbon. Each time you fold over the ribbon, make it 1-2cm shorter as you go up, creating a tree shape.

Step 5: After 8 pearls and 8 ribbon loops, top it off with one-star bead

Step 6: Lay the ornament flat on your Christmas tree branch and drop a few drops of the essential oil of your choice onto the lava bead.

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