Creative couple’s Tiny Canal Cottage is only 33sqm

It may be small, but The Tiny Canal Cottage, as it’s fondly known to owner Whitney Leigh Morris’ 120,000 Instagram followers, has everything a family of three could ever need to be truly happy.

Whitney Leigh Morris and husband Adam Winkleman’s cosy cottage is located somewhere by the Venice Canals in LA.

The 1924 craftsman house is around 33sqm, and is one of three identical homes still standing today.

Though their home and all its three rooms may sound slight to some, the space, or lack thereof, is what Whitney believes has brought her family together in many ways – both literally and figuratively.

The living area features wicker accents throughout. Picture: The Tiny Canal Cottage

“The small size of the house has never felt like a problem. In fact, we believe it’s brought us closer together and made us stronger and more considerate partners to one another,” she tells us.

Before moving in together, Whitney and Adam lived on polar opposite sides of LA.

“We looked at over two dozen properties before discovering our cottage,” Whitney says.

“The moment Adam and I stepped off the stoop and into the main house, we knew it was perfect for us. It was love at first sight!”

Take a tour of The Tiny Canal Cottage in the gallery below.

The couple were engaged in the garden, married on the front stoop surrounded by their nearest and dearest, and now seven years on, they share their picturesque digs with their adorable son West and two rescue beagles, Stanlee and Sophee.

The home is comprised of Whitney and Adam’s bedroom, a bathroom, and a living/dining/kitchen/playroom that opens up to a garden nothing short of magical.

The bedroom cupboard was hollowed and transformed to become West’s teeny tiny nursery recently, and is made up of a compact cot, changing table and dresser.

The kitchen is bright and airy with white accents and high ceilings. Picture: Tiny Canal Cottage

Whitney works from home, running a boutique agency alongside her husband who also takes care of West in the neighbouring cottage which they own, too.

Their blog and Instagram account has garnered over 120,000 followers who, like us, admire their interior style.

“My goal is to demonstrate to folks that they don’t need to ‘live large’ to live beautifully.”

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