Cleverly hidden design solutions keep this EC sleek

Even with three kids and three cats in the picture, this modern industrial home by Mesh Werk Studio maintains its spotless and spacious appearance effortlessly.

House Type: 3-bedroom + study executive condo unit
Floor Area: 1,248sqft

Living room. Picture: Mesh Werk Studio

As most households with kids and pets can attest to, keeping clutter under control at home can be trying. This family home cleverly dodges this issue by combining the best of form with function.

The renovation was helmed by the designers from Mesh Werk Studio, who also had to integrate the design with the pre-installed features of the brand new executive condominium unit.

The design team says: “The unit comes with ready-made fixtures like an island counter, cabinetry, and wardrobes. For a cohesive style, it was important to match the proposed design scheme with these existing details.”

Since the homeowners, married couple Sulaihan and Mazuin, like the look of cement screed, the material makes a prominent appearance in the living area as a feature wall. Also noteworthy is the pull-out seat ingeniously hidden within the custom-built shoe cabinet at the front entrance. When closed, it accentuates the home’s spacious visage and Sulaihan adds, “Our kids navigate well in our home with this free-flowing layout.”

The designers paired the cement screed wall with a custom-built TV console bearing a stainless steel-look finish. Of its faux metallic surface, they explain: “Considering the fingerprint marks and scratches with stainless steel, we decided to use easy to maintain laminates with a similar-looking finish.”

Living room. Picture: Mesh Werk Studio

A two-tone treatment of white and dark grey hues scales the ceiling. It demarcates the living and dining zones and the monochromatic colour scheme envelopes the home in a cosy and contemporary style. While the communal zones share an open floor area, it’s a different story for the private areas. A divider with a mirror finish now stands between these two areas.

Dining area. Picture: Mesh Werk Studio

Made of clear mirror strips outlined by a dark laminate frame, the divider holds a sliding door to keep the study and the walkway to the bedrooms out of sight. “We initially wanted the sliding door to enclose the study,” reveals Sulaihan. “The designers proposed for it to separate the walkway from the living area instead and we felt that was a much better arrangement.”

The back of the sliding mirror door leads to the open-concept study and the bedrooms. Outfitted with a chalkboard laminate wall covering with magnetic properties, the design of the workstation follows the moody colour scheme as established in the communal zones.

Master Bedroom. Picture: Mesh Werk Studio

To add depth to the master bedroom, the designers worked in similar feature walls of dusky woodgrain accents on each side of the wall. One serves as the backing for the TV console to conceal wiring while the other frames the headboard in sophisticated recessed outlines.

Master Bedroom. Picture: Mesh Werk Studio

A display cabinet with illuminated shelves highlights the couple’s coveted collection of designer bags and leather goods. The boutique-style concept is enhanced by a pull-out mirror which is seamlessly hidden behind the cabinet. “The homeowners wanted a full-length mirror,” say the designers, “and this was a smart way to incorporate it into their bedroom.”

All images courtesy of Mesh Werk Studio.

Article written by Disa Tan