Bedroom styling: Monochrome vs. colour

The bedroom is a place just for you, so why not take the opportunity to let your personality shine through? Whether you’re the classic or colourful type, these looks will give you all the inspiration you need.

Though there’s a myriad of different aesthetic styles when it comes to home decorating, it’s safe to say that us homemakers can be slotted into one of two categories: Those who embrace colour, and those who eschew it.

Of course, the monochrome look could never be considered superior to the colourful look and vice versa – it all comes down to the individual’s tastes – but each theme certainly has the ability to shape the personality of a space.

Which look do you prefer? Picture: Dulux/Sheridan

As Cassie Thomson, director at Melbourne-based styling company Pip+Coop, says: “A monochrome look in a home is very popular, and can suit a classic, organised and structured personality.”

On the flip side, a room bursting with colour, Cassie says, packs personality, and can often suit lovers of all things loud, bright and bubbly.

How to create a monochrome bedroom

Black, white, grey… sounds simple enough, right? There’s a little more to it if you really want your room to shine.

“The monochrome look is clean and crisp and anything but boring when done right,” Cassie tells us.

“Starting with a crisp white base is key when recreating a monochrome look: I like to start with a white bedspread, a neutral headboard and a black or white side table.”

Ensure you layer textures to create depth. Picture: DanielleX

From here, it’s all down to layering. “Build up your layers of black and grey evenly to create a sense of symmetry in your space.”

You’ll want to ensure you incorporate a handful of luxurious textures and patterns – this is how stylists like Cassie achieve an illusion of depth, even without the use of colour.

How to create a colourful bedroom

Cassie’s favourite place to start when styling a bold and bright bedroom is with a stunning painting or print.

“Start with the art and pull some inspiration from this for the colours you may want to include. This will ensure your finished look appears polished and well thought out.”

Choose a print you love, and then look for homewares and furnishings with pops of the hues within. Picture: Heatherly Design

3 monochrome products to enhance your bedroom

1. Open road print, AUD$119

This Australian-made, greyscale print from Hunting for George paints a whimsical picture of adventure and will no doubt have you dreaming of your next trip abroad.

The 50-plus shades of grey within will help tie in all hues of your monochrome room, while the fluffy appearance of the clouds, rough terrain, rolling mountains and smooth road will do the same for your chosen textural elements.

Take textural cues from your chosen print to style the rest of your room. Picture: Hunting for George

2. Cotton cushion, AUD$89.95

The Bambury Tanna cushion from Temple and Webster makes for a sure-fire way to inject texture into your space in one not-so-foul swoop.

Use it as a layering piece on your bed, or transfer it to your occasional chair to help link the look with the rest of your space.

Interior designers consider raw, textural elements one of the biggest trends in 2018. Picture: Temple & Webster

3. Cowhide rug, AUD$383.90

Add warmth underfoot with this speckled cowhide rug from Temple & Webster.

It’s undoubtedly a luxurious pick, and will stretch that classic look from the bed and walls right down to the floor, too.

It’s a piece easily moved throughout the home when looking to make a statement. Picture: Temple and Webster

3 colourful products to enhance your bedroom

1. Stair prints, AUD$119 each

These blue and pink prints from Hunting for George (sold separately) make for a great base in creating a colourful room.

The gradients allow for your space to feature a limitless range of colours, while the angular effect of the stairs invites you to get creative with shapes and lines.

Pick a print that encourages a creative use of colour and texture. Picture: Hunting for George

2. Hexagonal mirrors, $29.99 for 10

The Honefoss mirror from Ikea makes for a truly unique and decorative addition to any wall that’s lacking a little oomph.

The individual pieces have both a silver and rose gold finish, and can be paired, clustered or dotted throughout a blank space.

These mirrors know no styling limitations. Picture: Ikea

3. Bedside table, AUD$74.99

Available in millennial pink and ash blue, the Patty side table from Adairs boasts a minimal Scandi design and practical storage to boot.

Place a decorative terrarium and stack of chic magazines on top, and it’s ready to make a sophisticated statement in your space.

This too-cute side table just made it to the top of our wish lists. Picture: Adairs

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