Bathroom Talk

Some of the top interior design experts share their ideas and inspirations in creating the dream bathroom space.
Text: Redzman Rahmat
There aren’t many options for storage in the bathroom, so cabinets are still ideal. Always try to build them higher so they avoid getting splashed by water and are easier to clean. I also like to create little niches in the wall, or build concrete ledges in the shower area to hold the bottles.
– Katy Chong, Senior Designer, Artistroom
“Everyone knows that it’s generally not easy using wood in the bathroom, especially in our humid weather. But that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to use wood surfaces in the bathroom. I would love the opportunity to design a toilet using specially treated wood on both the walls and floor. I think it’d be amazing to have a forest-theme or a back-to-nature feel in the bathroom.”
– Sheryl Tan, Director, Pavillion Creation
“Although mirrors can definitely make the space look bigger, it’s not necessarily a good idea to install them in the bathroom. Our humid weather means that most bathrooms in Singapore are inadequately ventilated. Over time, the mirrors will tarnish and end up looking dirty and unkempt, so I suggest keeping mirrors to a minimum. Instead, you can use controlled lighting to make the bathroom appear larger.”
– Lee Chi Ho, Director, The Orange Cube
“There are a few tricks you can use to try to maximise the space usage in the bathroom. For example, you can use a semi-recessed washbasin to save a bit more space or reposition the bathroom entrance so the door won’t take up space when it’s open. And I suggest forgoing the bathtub as most bathrooms in local homes really can’t afford the space.
– John Chan, Director, Neu Konceptz
“A dream bathroom, for me, is a room with plenty of space and a view to die for. There are few things more decadent and relaxing than lounging in a nice, warm bath with soft music in the background and a lovely view to gaze at. I would advise homeowners to use wallpaper in the bathroom. As long as the room is well ventilated, you can use wallpaper. Just make sure you keep it in areas that don’t get wet and you consider where the edges of the paper are.”
– Nikki Hunt, Founder & Principal, Design Intervention