Backyard art studio inspired by a butterfly

What could be more inspiring than mother nature when you’re looking to build a backyard studio, perfect for creating art?

Taking out one of the top prizes in the 2017 American Architecture Prize, this incredible 32sqm studio sits just a few steps from the water on Long Island Sound in Connecticut.

The studio design was one of the 2017 American Architecture Prize winners. Picture: Paul Bartolomeuw/ v2com

Created by US-based firm Valerie F. Schweitzer Architects and inspired by the closing of a butterfly’s wings, the structure sits in the backyard of one lucky family’s home.

This space is designed as a humble backyard studio yet offers so much more. Picture: Tom Leighton/ v2com

At 5m high, the studio’s unique shard-shaped walls create a unique form that’s futuristic while still taking inspiration from mother nature.

Thermally insulated and custom-designed glass ceilings invite the outside in and provide a natural illumination from the sun, perfect for those getting creative inside.

The studio also has a small bathroom inside. Picture: Tom Leighton/ v2com

Carefully placed windows capture the fresh, salty ocean breezes from the nearby beach.

Recycled teak cladding and Douglas fir framing add warmth and natural texture to the cosy space that’s nestled into the surrounding trees in the owner’s backyard.

Just steps away from the beach, this studio is set to inspire. Picture: Tom Leighton/ v2com

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