Amazing modern feature walls to inspire you

Feature walls earned a bad rep back in the early 90s with garish tones like bright red and lime green intruding in on personal spaces everywhere.

But feature walls no longer need to knock you over with a bright tone or over-the-top texture to add flavour and interest to a space that’s lacking some personality.


If you’re feeling like your space is in need of a personality transplant then wallpaper, whether temporary or permanent, might be an answer.

Tying a look together with a well-placed design will make a world of difference and the best thing about temporary wallpaper is you’re not stuck with one theme forever!

“Vibrant, dramatic and playful, or quiet and restful. As a small-space feature wall, even if the paper is expensive, you don’t need much to make a huge impact.

“The colors, designs, and textures are endless and it’s a great way to make your wall come alive.”

Picture: ezbuy

The benefits of temporary wallpaper include:

  • No adhesive, glue spray or paste required – no mess
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Wallpaper is very forgiving and is re-positionable
  • Pre-cut rolls for easy installation
  • Can be used as temporary wall decor solution
  • Size, color, pattern customisation
  • You can remove it without damaging the wall
  • Variety of prints available


Tiles and marble have been popular in the past few years for use in feature walls and it looks like the trend is here to stay.

Romy Alwill, an interior architect, and designer based in Sydney says that while the marble trend has been big recently it’s beginning to morph into a mixture of tones. “In terms of finishes, people are using stronger marbles, mixing a few different marbles together in one space,” Romy says.

So feel free to add more than one marble tone to a tiled wall if that’s the look you’re going for. Tiles are also a great way to add some colour and texture to a space.

A kitchen tile splashback can become the perfect feature wall. Picture: Getty

Romy says, “I think we’re seeing more geometric and fewer hand-made tiles, there are some great architectural and sharper-looking tiles coming through.”

Natural textures

Sophie Shennan, interior designer,and stylist based in Manly, Sydney, says “imperfect”, “raw” and “naturally weathered, textured materials” are key to finding the perfect natural look – and these elements can easily be used to create a beautiful feature wall.

A textured wood feature wall is a great way to add a natural element into a space. Picture: Getty

Sophie suggests trying things like botanical prints; cotton, bamboo and rattan weaves; raw concrete; and washed natural linens.

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