All of the lights: An extra-bright neon fanatic’s home

There’s only one way to sum up the Brighton home of neon-light artist, Natalie Jarvis: It’s lit.

Filled with colourful and quirky neon lights of all shapes and sizes, it’s a haven for those that love bright lights and colour.

The busy mother-of-three and her partner, Scott, rent their 1960s abode, which is conveniently located just down the road from Natalie’s shop, Electric Confetti, in Melbourne.

Natalie runs the Brighton shop, Electric Confetti, which creates bespoke LED lighting.

Before launching the business in 2015, the talented creative was a children’s book designer and illustrator.

“My passion for vintage signs and typography was founded on my experience working behind the counter of my dad’s antique shop in Southland, New Zealand. I love bright colours, too; our home is filled with them,” Natalie says.

The retro aesthetic, reminiscent of the famous Las Vegas strip, is certainly back in vogue after a long hiatus due to new advances in lighting technology enabling artists to form pieces around LED strips in almost any shape.

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Neon lighting is having a resurgence in popularity as LED lighting technology has advanced. Picture: Ross Campbell

“All things 80s are in right now and those typefaces have certainly seen a resurgence,” explains Natalie.

“People are now invested in making their own spaces very personal; and we cater to this customised trend, too.”

Natalie’s lucky kids Matlida, Hugo and Stella are surrounded by their mum’s creativity. Picture: Ross Campbell

Thankfully, today’s lights are designed with LED technology instead of the gas-filled tubes, so creating these beauties is a little easier for artists like Natalie, who are able to design works using a computer instead of hand-blowing the fragile glass tubes.

“We’re designers by trade, so like most designers we sit on the computer and design,” says Natalie.

Playful designs aplenty in Natalie’s shop, Electric Confetti. Picture: Ross Campbell

When it comes to the bespoke forms she creates for her customers, she’s had some pretty hilarious requests, some words too naughty to mention:

“We’ve had heaps of funny quotes and some rude imagery, which never made it to final art, thank god!”

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Natalie can make a sign to say pretty much anything. Picture: Ross Campbell

2 minutes with Natalie

What’s the most surprising fact you know about neon?

“Real neon first came about in 1910!!”

The theme of Natalie’s signs are only limited by her customers’ creativity. Picture: Ross Campbell

Where’s your favourite place in the world to see neon?

“If I didn’t have young kids I’d be straight to Gods Own Junkyard in London, or MONA; the dedicated neon light museum in LA.”

What’s your favourite non-neon furniture piece around your home?

“The baby’s vintage cast-iron cot.”

Natalie’s favourite piece in the home: the beloved dining table. Picture: Ross Campbell

What are the items in your home you couldn’t live without?

“Our German beer drinking table – AKA the dining table. It’s been around for eons before us, and the worn-in style means I don’t have to be precious when the kids are doing art or banging things.”

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