Alfredo Häberli chooses Cosentino countertops for his “Kitchen for the near future”

The Argentinian-Swiss star designer presents his project at Living Kitchen in Cologne from 14 to 20 of January 2019, and on the 26th of February in a conference at Cosentino City Madrid.

Alfredo Häberli Lutz Sternstein. Picture: Cosentino

Cosentino Group announces its patronage of star designer’s Alfredo Häberli’s “Kitchen for the near future”, a design project which offers a glimpse of kitchen life in the future, and includes countertops developed with the ultra-compact surface Dekton® by Cosentino.

Filled with life and appealing to the senses, the kitchen of the future is on display from 14 to 20 January 2019 at Hall 4.2 of LivingKitchen in Cologne (Germany).

In addition, on the 26 of February Alfredo Häberli will present his view of the futuristic kitchen in a conference at Cosentino City Madrid (Spain) at Paseo de la Castellana 116, at 19:00.

Striking clarity and strong lines are the defining features of Alfredo Häberli’s vision of tomorrow’s kitchen. The internationally renowned designer takes the history of the kitchen, abstracting the idea from its form, and offers visitors a projection of architectural possibilities.

In this future, everything seems possible: there’s space for technological innovations, contemporary product design and materials, such as Dekton® by Cosentino, that speak to the senses, but also scope for social interaction and room for individual needs – this is the context in which the kitchen of the future takes on its shape.

The innovative ultra-compact surface Dekton® by Cosentino was chosen by Häberli for the countertops of his kitchen, offer superior technical properties such as high resistance to scratches, stains and thermal shock.

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Together with its beautiful design, Dekton® guarantees unique technical and aesthetic performance for the futuristic kitchen work area.

According to Häberli “advanced material technologies will give the glossy and matt surfaces of the kitchen a new almost immaterial look”, and “the reduction to the absolutely necessary appliances and utensils will benefit the generosity of the work surface”.

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Born in Argentina and raised in Switzerland, Häberli sees the kitchen as the room that reflects civilization’s evolution most clearly. It is a place of existential and deeply rooted needs – preparing and consuming food, fire and company. These functions will continue to be crucial, but they will have to adapt to modern life. And this, in Häberli’s view, will be considerably influenced by sharing concepts and degrowth. Reducing growth is becoming a very important issue that touches not just mobility and space utilization concepts, but also the kitchen,” says Häberli in his Zurich studio.

He sees his open design less as a personal vision and more as a source of inspiration for everyone.

This article is contributed by Cosentino Group.