A Simple, Classy Home For BookLovers

Rather than adding unnecessary clutter to the home in an attempt to make it distinctive, the team at Spaces Living Concept went with the theme of ‘simple is beautiful’ and helped to design this lovely, contemporary residence. With clean structured lines and a neutral colour scheme, this home reflects the homeowners’ love for reading as seen in the book display of their literary treasures of scripted romance. 
Hints of yellow around the home are a playful way to brighten up the neutral colour scheme. Check out the yellow cushions on the sofa, the framed photographs with a yellow border and the yellow door. Even the warm yellow lighting used in areas like the bedroom and the corridors add a warm, cosy feel to the modern, clean design of the entire home.
To free up clutter and make the home appear expansive, a corner bookshelf was chosen so that the homeowner’s books, knickknacks and other personal memorabilia could be neatly organised. The addition of the sliding grey oak panel across the bookshelf breaks up the cluster arrangement of items on the shelves and adds to the airy and spacious feel of the home.
By incorporating Venetian blinds in this reading nook, the homeowners have the option of controlling the amount of sunlight that they want to let into this space just before sinking into a plush armchair with a book in hand.
In contrast with the rest of the home with its clean, structured feel, the bedroom bears the mark of a warm personal touch with interesting features that create a romantic atmosphere in the room. The addition of two lamps with a kooky owl design is delightful and the yellow lighting emanating from them makes one feel relaxed and at ease. For the attached bathroom, glass walls were chosen so that the two rooms appear as one huge room, which gives a sense of it being a cozier, spacious area.
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