A Natural Beauty

When it comes to designing larger homes like this 2,400 square feet house, design firms need to be vigilant with the planning and allocation of space. If done wrong, rooms can come across looking cold and bare.

For the designers at Altered Interior, spatial planning is of the utmost importance, as exemplified in this home. Clean lines and a minimalist earthy palette clearly define each room and the aesthetics never overwhelm the functionality of the spaces.

Instead, the design team focused on allowing the home to bask in a deluge of natural light and ventilation.

Project Type: Inter-terrace House
Floor Area: 2,400 sqft

Side by Side

Living room. Designed by Altered Interior

After carrying out extensive remodeling, Altered Interior turned this house into a spacious, light-filled abode. The walls that used to separate the living room, dining room and kitchen have all been removed, allowing for an unobstructed view from one end of the house to the other.

Instead of burdening the interiors with heavy design elements, Altered Interior played with parallel lines, seen on the railings and balustrade of the stairwell and the design of the TV feature wall.

Dining Delight

Dining area. Designed by Altered Interior

With no walls to physically define its boundaries, the dining area enjoys an open concept bolstered by its bright and airy surroundings.

The designers allowed the dining space to “breathe” and refrained from bringing in bulky furniture and unnecessary décor items. A combination of sliding and folding glass doors leads to the adjacent kitchen.

Light Cooking

Kitchen. Designed by Altered Interior

The homeowners are fortunate to have a spacious kitchen that offers them more than enough space to house multiple refrigerators, ovens, and other large appliances.

This kitchen used to be a bedroom which has now been relocated. Because this property is an old house, there are structural columns and beams that cannot be removed.

Altered Interior overcame this unseen challenge by building a compact U-shaped kitchen system that also provides an efficient layout.

Pretty In Pink

Bedroom. Designed by Altered Interior

To match the vigour and vibrancy of the young children living in this home, the children’s rooms sport brighter colours that reflect their occupant’s personality. In this young girl’s room, the design team chose a pretty lilac hue and painted thick stripes on the wall.

They then emphasised the importance of soft furnishing and completed the look with matching bedsheets and curtains.

Dreamy State

Bedroom. Designed by Altered Interior

Altered Interior primed the bedrooms for rest and relaxation, as seen in this compact guestroom on the upper storey. Instead of the whitewashed walls on the first floor, this bedroom boasts a more subdued grey hue on the walls and bedframe, coupled with off-white fronts on the built-in wardrobe.

Designed by Altered Interior Pte Ltd. Article by Redzman Rahmat.