9 best tiny houses of 2018 that are stylish and practical

Tiny houses hit the all-time in 2018, but it was the tiny homes that combined form with function that really had our hearts melting. Here are the best tiny houses of 2018.

The tiny house movement has been trending upwards for some time – and it certainly shows no sign of slowing.

From off-grid living in a tiny house on wheels, to living in a moveable van or living on the road with a family of six in an Airstream, the Australian dream of house ownership is fast being challenged by these new ways of living.

What is a tiny house?

“A tiny house is built on a trailer and these homes on average are around 15-18 square metres in size. They are built on wheels and have the flexibility to be driven to any location and parked,” says building and sustainability expert Dean Ipaviz.

“These homes are designed for anyone that enjoys simple living and an eco-friendly lifestyle.”

“I believe that tiny homes are the future of housing for a vast number and diverse group of Australians,” says Grant Emans, director of Designer Eco Tiny Homes in NSW. “It’s the most sustainable way to house people.”

1. The Woodbutcher’s Tiny House

This off-grid tiny house cost under $10k to build by owner Emmet Blackwell and its current location is none other than beautiful Byron Bay.

Emmet’s tiny house measures 4m long x 2m wide. Picture: Emmet Blackwell

The tiny house measures 4m long x 2m wide, is made up mostly of recycled materials and is currently located in Byron Bay with neighbours like Chris Hemsworth down the road.

2. Ecocapsule

The Ecocapsule is the ultimate tiny house. It’s a mobile and self-sustainable micro-home that can be ordered online for $AU125,000 and ships to the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Ecocapsule is a super-smart, off-grid, mobile micro home. Picture: Ecocapsule Holding

Dubbed a ‘beautiful, self-sustainable and mobile micro-home’, Ecocapsule was developed by architectural studio Nice Architects of Bratislava, Slovakia.

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3. Maralah tiny home

This cliff-face tiny home is set on the side of a Canadian mountain and was created by one of the designers behind the internet’s beloved Casa Brutale.

The tiny home is designed to emerge from a cliff. Picture: LAAV Architects

Laertis-Antonios Ando Vassiliou, who designed the internet’s favourite Bond villain-esque cliff face project, made the design for the minimalist Maralah tiny home just 45sqm with another 20sqm set aside for services and the water supply.

4. Living Vehicle caravan

Living Vehicle is an all-aluminium, towable trailer designed for living anywhere you want!

This off-grid aluminium trailer can easily sleep six. Picture: Matt Weir

Designed by Hofmann Architecture and manufactured by the Aluminium Trailer Company in Indiana, the modern caravan has complete off-grid capabilities and can be transported conveniently on wheels.

5. Unyoked off-grid cabins

Unyoked is an Aussie company that specialises in providing tiny houses in remote locations, targeted toward professionals who want some peace and quiet – with all the conveniences of a hotel.

Feel the need to escape the daily grind? These cute-as tiny cabins could be calling your name. Picture: Unyoked

The six moveable cabins are located in stunning rural locations that are close enough to Sydney and Melbourne to make for an easy weekend getaway and are priced from $199 per night.

6. Plús Hús tiny home

The californian-based Architectural firm, Minarc, are behind the design of the Plús Hús tiny house, and will dispense the 29sqm tiny home to anyone who wants one.

The 4.8m x 6m structures are designed for almost any way of living (it can be a home, art studio, or office space), and are surprisingly well thought out.

The small units are completely customisable, can be dropped anywhere, and have a beautiful modern Scandi feel. Picture: Art Gray

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7. Slim Fit tiny home

Ana Rocha Architecture is the firm behind the design of this towering tiny home (three words we never thought would marry), which they’ve aptly dubbed Slim Fit.

The Netherlands-based firm has packed three separate and stacked living areas into a footprint of just 16sqm. Its versatile design means it can stand freely, connect to existing homes, or slot seamlessly between buildings.

Slim Fit house is an eco-friendly abode constructed on a wooden frame. Picture: Ana Rocha

8. The Peak by Nestd

This prefabricated feel-good tiny home is just 5.7m x 5.7m. Its features include a six-star energy rating, fully fitted-out kitchen, loads of storage solutions and a gorgeous, modern design teeming with natural timber and flooded with light.

If you buy one of these stunning tiny homes, 100% of the profits go to helping prevent youth homelessness. Picture: Nestd

9. Tiny house on wheels

Off Grid Tiny Houses created this towable tiny home weighing 3.5 tonnes that you can take anywhere so you can truly live off grid.

This tiny home features a king size loft. Picture: Off Grid Tiny Houses

The home is 8.2m long with a 3m x2.3m loft and features an off-grid solar system with a 10Kw battery, double-glazed windows, a composting toilet made in Sweden and a light, spacious interior.

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