8 ways to add work-friendly elements to your home

More of us are working from home than ever before, which begs the question: How do we make our home a space where we can both work and play?

Lana Taylor’s chic new butler’s office was all the inspiration we needed to bring you a round-up of useful ways and #inspo to help aid flexibility and working from home.

Make use of unused space

Do you have a small, perhaps awkward, space in the kitchen, hallway or your bedroom that goes unused?

It’s worth considering how you could turn it into a mini-study nook. Even if you already have a separate office, this could be used as an additional creative place to write notes, shopping lists or keep work-life essentials, like calendars.

DIY pegboard shelf

If clutter is your absolute nemesis, then having extra shelving can certainly help you keep things clean and minimal in your office space.

So, bring out the tools and get crafty with this DIY pegboard shelf at Bunnings – or hunt out similar options and enjoy getting organised.

A DIY pegboard could solve your concerns over clutter. Picture: Bunnings

Add additional powerpoints

“A good idea for work-friendly innovations when renovating might be to add pop-up powerpoints in the kitchen island bench,” says Lana Taylor from Three Birds Renovations.

Several tech-savvy kitchens these days have hidden electrical outlets that literally pop up out of your countertop, meaning you can bring the laptop out anytime, anywhere.

Make a statement with lighting

Lighting in your study nook or office needs to be practical – but a little style never hurt either, right?

Consider bringing in a desk lamp that both lights up the room and weaves in a current trend, like industrial metals in oil-rubbed bronze.

An on-trend desk lamp adds style and functionality. Picture: Temple & Webster / Denise Braki. Styling: Jonathan Fleming

Under-stair study nook

Like the unused space in the hallway or bedroom, an under-stair study nook is a great way to maximise space in your home, while also creating functionality in an otherwise forgotten and unused space.

Create hidden filing cabinets

Hidden storage solutions come in all shapes and sizes these days, from under bay window bench seats to under sofa beds.

When it comes to all that tax paperwork you’re obliged to hang onto, why not consider some quirky places to store it where it’s clearly out of sight, but always at arm’s reach when you need it?

Drum up creativity

If you’re more of a right brain thinker and love being inspired by visual imagery, quotes, artwork and postcards, then a memo board might be just the thing to add to your workspace.

This DIY wire mesh memo board from Bunnings is super easy to make and looks great in a variety of spaces, from your study to your kids’ bedrooms or kitchen.

Creative #inspo never looked so good. Picture: Bunnings

Don’t forget the greenery

A touch of greenery can do wonders to further enhance creativity, so pop a pretty pot plant – or three – on some neat shelving in your office space and let the creativity shine.

Don’t forget the greenery! Picture: IKEA

Originally published as 8 ways to add work-friendly elements to your home by Kristy Barratt. Author at realestate.com.au.