8 tips to create a beautiful baby nursery on budget

Picture: BankBazaar.sg

Babies are adorable, aren’t they? They are cute too. However, there is one thing they aren’t – cheap.

Over the years, everything around babies has become fancier, trendier and of course, expensive. Pinterest and Instagram only add to the pressure of creating and maintaining a perfect, fairy-tale world for your little one.

Talking about building a wonderland for your little bundle of joy brings us straight to the topic of building an amazing nursery for your bub. If the thought of building an adorable nursery brings along a fear of overshooting your budget, don’t worry.

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We have simple tips that will help you create the nursery of your dreams without giving you sleepless nights. Here’s how:

1. DIY

Whether you were born creative or it is the pregnancy hormones doing their bit, you will surely want to create something unique and personal for your baby.

Making something specially for your unborn child can make you so, so happy. And you can proudly show them off to friends and family! What’s more? It can be a huge cost-saver. No need to invest in the expensive décor now! For inspiration, go onto Pinterest or even YouTube.

Here are our top pics:

2. Upcycle

If you want to save money while designing your baby’s nursery, upcycling should be your keyword.

From converting an old cabinet into a storage unit for the baby’s clothes and diapers (think repainting and decorating with lovable stickers) to turning a bunch of wood pallets into wall décor or even a cradle – you have many options to explore. Time to get creative!

Here are some of our favourites:

3. Buy second-hand

Second-hand items or ‘pre-loved’ goods are your best bets to outfox your ever-growing baby. Wondering where to buy them from? Hunt down Facebook pages such as Preloved Baby Goods SG and SG Preloved Baby Goods that offer everything from baby socks to cots and prams on sale.

Of course, you can also find second-hand baby items on Gumtree and mobile apps such as Bakipa and Carousell on the go! Keep an eye out for some really good bargains.

4. Buy gender neutral items

Agreed that most of you will know the gender of your baby by the time you start designing the nursery, but if you think long term, going gender neutral is a smart way to save money.

We say this because if it’s your first baby, and if you plan to have more in the future, it is better you colour the room in pale yellow or purple instead of going for the typical blue and pink. The same logic goes for décor, furniture and curtains.

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5. Set up a baby registry

Whether or not you are having a baby shower, setting up a registry is the best way to let your family and friends know exactly what you need for your baby. After all, who wants three of those baby memories book you will never find the time to fill!

Baby registries are easy to create, quick to share, have a beautiful selection of items and offer discounts too! Websites on which you can create your very own baby registry include Mothercare, Bebe Avenue and The Bump.

6. Buy long-term furniture

If you believe your price or princess needs everything brand new, you will need to be really careful of the furniture selections you make as those will eat away a huge chunk of your nursery budget.

So, while this white cradle might look adorable in photos, it will cost you a whopping S$648 and your baby will outgrow it in no time.

Babyhood Kaylula Sova Classic Cot. Picture: Mothercare

You would rather invest S$1,300 into a 6 in 1 cot that grows with your baby – from bassinet to cot to toddler bed to daybed to double bed.

7. Don’t go overboard with décor


We know that you are in your nesting mode and would pick up anything that is remotely cute in a baby store, but make sure don’t make the nursery too babyish. That’s because as soon as your child grows up a bit, half the things in the room will not make as much sense as they did a few years ago.

Stick to something long lasting and you won’t regret it.

8. Skip unnecessary things

Your baby might be a royalty for you but trust us, he/she can do just fine without half the things in Price Louis’ nursery.

Yes, those diaper changing tables, diaper disposals and wipes warmer (yes, that thing does exist!) do sound fancy but are not necessary for your tiny tot to have a comfortable existence. On top of it, these things occupy a lot of space which you’d rather use for something a lot more practical.

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