7 Valentine’s Day gifts that are practical for the home

A new iron or vacuum may not go down well as a romantic gift. Even if your household needs a new one, no one is going to get too excited at unwrapping a cleaning appliance on Valentine’s Day.

However, there are plenty of appliances that do make great gifts for the other half.

To help you choose the perfect gift for your Valentine this year, we’ve put together some of our favourites.

For the Cook: A Spiralizer

A spiralizer makes eating your five a day more fun, which can only be a good thing. Pop hard vegetables or fruits like apples or courgettes into the machine and the will come out perfectly sliced into spirals.

If you need spiralizer recipes, the internet is awash with them. A simple internet search and you’ll have loads of yummy spiralizer recipes to try!

Kenwood Spiralizer FGP200WG. Picture: Kenwood

For the health nut: A Blender

Kenwood Blend Xtract Blender. SGD$64.40. Picture: Lazada

If your partner enjoys healthy eating, a blender with a build in bottle is a really easy and convenient way to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables on the go. There are a whole range of these appliances that lets you easily whip up a daily smoothie, protein shake or fruit slushie with minimal mess — perfect.

Just attach the bottle to the blending part of the appliance and blend, blend, blend! Once you’re done, remove the bottle and screw the lid on to it — it’s really as simple as that.

For the coffee addict: A Coffee Grinder

Andrew James Coffee Grinder. Picture: Amazon

True coffee connoisseurs prefer coffee made with ground beans, but from the moment beans are ground they start to lose their flavour.

Let nothing compromise the taste of your love’s favourite beverage. A coffee bean grinder will allow them to enjoy rich, intense flavours — and can also double up as a nuts and spice grinder too!

For the fashionista: A Personal Care Appliance

Dyson Supersonic Nickel/Purple. SGD$599.00. Picture Dyson

Every morning when we start the day, we spend a fair amount of time getting ready so that we look (or at least somewhat) presentable. Personal care appliances like hair straighteners, hair dryers, or shavers make the getting ready process quicker and easier.

Give your loved one the extremely valuable gift of more free time with a personal care gadget to make their hectic mornings flow more smoothly.

For the overworked partner: Electronic Massage Product

uGalaxy Eye Massager, SGD$299.00. Picture: OSIM

One of the best ways to express your love to a significant other is through showing care for their well-being. By relieving the impact of daily stress on your partner’s eyes through soothing vibrations, OSIM’s uGalaxy eye massager allows you to do just that.

For the glutton: A Deep Fat Fryer

Healthy eating is all well and good, but sadly most really indulgent foods tend to be on the less healthy end of the food scale. Indulging now and then is no bad thing.

Let your Valentine enjoy homemade chips, tempura, samosas or even fruit fritters with a deep fat fryer. Cooking deep fried food using a chip pan can be dangerous as the pan is liable to spit, so a deep fat fryer is definitely the much safer option.

For the impossible-to-please audiophile: Amazon Echo (Alexa)

Amazon Echo, SGD$210.00. Picture: Lazada

Ah yes, the music expert. The person in your life who’s constantly asking you if you’ve heard the newest band (that no one’s ever heard of, by the way) and always comments on those cheap headphones you own (in this case, your other half).

Well, guess what, impossible-to-please-audiophile: You’re about to meet your perfect musical match. Amazon Echo plays all the songs and alternative takes of songs from Amazon Music, Spotify, Itunes, SoundCloud and more.

Plus, with the easy phrase, “Alexa, play music everywhere,” Amazon Echo will play music across every device in your home at once. You can also search for music by lyrics and time period or just have Alexa choose a song for you.