7 sexy bar cart accessories under $59

Clink. Cheers. It’s time to get that little bar set-up and nights in will become much more attractive than nights out.

Rather than building anything permanent, deck out an affordable trolley with a few pieces so you’re ready to entertain guests over a few cocktails and nibbles.

Ripple Bay. Picture: iProperty

1. Start with the trolley

I know many of us lust over those expensive, brushed gold bar trolleys, but if that’s not within budget, why not try Ikea’s black matte finish trolley for $59? It sits perfectly in the corner of a room and can be wheeled around your party, holding drinks and dips.

RÅSKOG Trolley, $59. Picture: IKEA

2. Straws for life

Stop purchasing plastic straws and opt for a much more environmentally friendly option from Designstuff. These Zakkia glass drinking straws (set of six, $29) look glam and put you in good stead for a constant stream of entertaining. They also make a pretty decoration on your drinks trolley.

Zakkia set of 6 straws, AUD$29.

3. Cocktail time

Do your Champagne glasses need a little overhaul? I’m loving Ikea’s Flimra Champagne glasses at $3.90 each. They’re girly and fun and perfect for colourful cocktail concoctions.

Flimra Champagne glass, $3.90 each. Picture: IKEA

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4. Wet your whistle

While we’re on the topic of glasses, how’s the luxe look of these beautifully designed whiskey glasses? Just don’t tell your mates they’re only $2.90 each.

If you’re wanting a more masculine set-up, a set of these Ikea Frasera whiskey glasses, styled nicely with a stirrer and an old-fashioned bottle opener will do the trick for a cheeky nip late at night.

Ikea whiskey glass, $2.90 each.

5. Add some personality

Coloured glass vases atop a bar trolley will bring the whole look to life. Style with some single stem flowers from your garden and pepper around the food and drinks. This trio is only AUD$12 from Target.

Target coloured bud vases, pack of 3, AUD$12.

6. Sparkle more

Why not be festive all year round? Pillowtalk’s sparkling gold Champagne glasses (down to AUD$7.97!) will make any of your guests feel extra spesh. Pop a metallic tray underneath, and you’re set to have an extra fun night with just a touch of sparkle.

Pillowtalk gold Champagne glasses, AUD$7.97.

7. Set the mood

When you’re entertaining friends, dim the lights and add some candlelight.

This Target brass and glass hurricane candle holder, AUD$10, provides the splash of gold that will make your trolley that little bit more special for your event. It’s one of those pieces that could be styled in any room of the house, too. Bonus.

Target brass and glass hurricane candle holder, AUD$10.

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Article repurposed from 8 sexy bar cart accessories under $49 by Chelsea Thomas. Author at realestate.com.au.