7 No-Reno Ways to Visually Upsize Your Kitchen

What do you do if you have a tiny home with an even tinier kitchen? Here are 7 design tricks to visually upsize your kitchen, with no renovation involved! 
By Disa Tan
Solution #1: Mobile Counters
Have you always wanted an island counter in the middle of your kitchen? If your kitchen is too small for one, a movable trolley can fulfill your dreams without cramping your style. The same goes for this customised kitchen counter with wheels. Push it where you need it and spin it around to form the ideal kitchen configuration for your cooking needs. The matching laminate finish ensures smooth integration with the rest of the kitchen design. Design by White Attic Interior
Solution #2: Tall Appeal
Don’t have much room in the kitchen? That’s alright, you can trick the eyes into thinking that the kitchen is bigger than it actually is! In this home, the designers from NOTA Group capitalised on the double volume ceiling by customising an overhead cabinet with a downward slant. The result? A kitchen that doesn’t appear as closed-in as it would have been with the tight galley configuration.
Solution #3: Concealed Piping
Exposed gas and water piping may make a nice industrial statement but it doesn’t do any good for space-challenged kitchens. Hide them instead to achieve that smooth, seamless visage. You can use laminate inserts, as seen in this kitchen by Fuse Concept, to create a gorgeous wood grain wraparound that frames the cabinetry.
#Solution 4: Reflect & Refract
One of the ‘go to’ design tricks to visually enlarge a space is to use mirrors and reflective surfaces in the home. The important thing to note is the location of the mirrors. Here, Northwest Interior placed a large mirror panel on the wall that visually doubles the size of this kitchen! If having too many mirrors makes you feel like you’re in a circus funhouse, opt for glossy surfaces like stainless steel, glass tiles or high gloss finishes instead.
Solution #5: Design Distraction
A strong visual point will draw the eyes away from the tiny stature of a cosy kitchen. WYNK Collaborative draws your attention in this home with the mint and aquamarine wall tiles and the equally eye-catching chevron pattern.
Solution #6: Colour In Contrast
It’s no surprise that a lighter colour palette can help your kitchen feel airier and more spacious than it is. We suggest sticking to a neutral colour scheme, with hues that belong in the same family. Think about matching different shades of wood for a natural and organic look. Or take a leaf from this home designed by Three-D Conceptwerke and pair white, taupe and grey for that clean and contemporary look.
Solution #7: Clear The Wall
Strangely, many homeowners can’t stand the sight of an empty wall, so they’ll either push a piece of furniture up against it or cover it up with shelves or mounted photographs. Empty walls actually lend to the impression that a space is roomy and unrestrained. Here, Urban Habitat stopped the homeowners from installing overhead cabinets, allowing the kitchen to breathe a little better.
Solution #8: Elongated Patterns
If your kitchen is as long and narrow as this one, you might want to consider emphasising its length to encourage the illusion of space. Even the narrowest walkway will benefit from a vertical overlay of floor tiles. Design firm Artistroom used oversized floor tiles to visually stretch out this kitchen. This is coupled with the horizontal wood grains on the cabinets.