7 Must Haves For Your New Home

Buying a built to order home is usually a dream come true for many people. When you start the process of renovating or equipping the home, you must consider priorities and not priorities. Unless you have an unlimited budget, some things are more important than others. 
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Start from the basics, and you can continue decorating once you settle down. The cost will increase once you start the renovation process.
1. Painting
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This is the basic. No house looks good without proper painting. When you start the process, try to envision how you want your end result to look like. This way, you can paint the home while it is empty, and then add the elements. But make sure you plan the colors right. If not, you will have to repaint the home after everything is set, which only increases your expenses.
2. Tiles
Another important aspect of the renovation are the tiles in your home. Most notably, this includes tiles in the bathroom and the kitchen, two rooms where tiles are almost mandatory. The same rule applies for the tiles as for the painting. 
Since tiles are placed before all the furniture and elements are in the house, you must try to envision your goal. If you are going for minimalistic look, get such tiles. If you are going for bolder look, search for colorful and playful tiles.
3. Kitchen Cabinet
How can you live in an apartment if you cannot prepare your food there? Right? Of course you are right. The kitchen cabinet is probably the second most important furniture part of your home, right after the bed. The moment you settle in the apartment, you need to have the basic conditions for a proper life. And a kitchen cabinet makes that possible.
4. Bed and mattress
We mentioned this is the most important furniture element in your home, as you need to have a place to sleep at night. While other elements might wait, buying the bed should be your first thing on the list of furnishing. Unless you are buying a complete bedroom, look for a bed that can serve many functions. 
Nowadays, having a multifunctional bed, with storage options underneath is becoming the standard. As people are looking for more ways to increase their storage, the bed is a nifty option.
5. Full height mirror at the dining area
This is more of an aesthetically move than functional. However, a full height mirror in the dining area is one of the best ways to visually increase the space and make it look more spacious. 
When placing a mirror, it is important to check what the mirror reflects. For example, make sure the mirror doe not reflect the people eating at the table. Nobody likes to be seen how he eats. Instead, try to position the mirror so it reflects some beautiful object such as chandelier, pendant or similar.
6. Full height shoes cabinet
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We cannot stress how important a full height shoes cabinet is for the home. On first glance, this might seem like a luxurious approach. However, think about the family and how many members are there. Now, add a suitable number of shoes for each member. Add a number of shoes for guests coming to your house. 
And now think if a cabinet that is smaller in size and arguably cheaper in price can fit all those shoes? You really do not want shoes cluttering your hallway do you? So, go for a full height shoes cabinet, and you’ll space will look cleaner.
7. Shower screen and toilet basin
We will include both of these in one, as they are the two most important parts of your house that help you maintain your hygiene. While the toilet basin can be as simple as possible, if you can, invest in a quality shower screen. There is no better feeling of relaxing under the shower, so try to take full advantage of it.
Article provided by Interior Design Singapore