7 Deco trends you will love in 2017

We can’t wait for the new deco trends that 2017 will bring us and until then we gathered seven cool predictions for the next year. We are talking creative materials, elegant colors and gorgeous deco items, so here is our list.
1. Dark green
When talking color, dark green will be a big hit in 2017. This color is perfect for an armchair, sofa or cabinet and it goes great with a retro but also a Scandinavian design. Also, don’t forget to add dark green accents to your living room or bedroom for a more elegant vibe.
2. Terracotta in geometric layout
As a prediction, terracotta will be one of the most popular materials you can use in your home in 2017. It’s great for any industrial space and it also add warmth to a place. Also, these bricks make your home looking more natural than ever. Pair it with white and your home will be brighter.
3. Cork
This is the new kind of wall that’s perfect for creative people. Besides its cool design it’s also really useful because you can pin messages or stick photos on it. That’s why a wall made of cork is perfect for an office space. Also, this kind of material adds texture and warmth to a space.
4. Fancy beds
The bed with frames will be replaced by fancier beds with bed heads in elegant shapes, made from precious materials like velvet. Many luxurious hotels and celebrity homes have this kind of bed already, so it’s just a small matter of time until you will find them in your lovely home.
5. Marble coffee tables
We love coffee tables, but the marble ones are really the most elegant out of all. So, if you want to make your living room more stylish with just a small detail, these are the perfect elements for your home. Also, you can choose any elegant shade you wish from white, grey, green or blue. Simply gorgeous!
6. Faux Fur chairs
Any kind of furniture with fur details will be a big hit in 2017, but out of all we love the chairs the most. They are really cool and elegant and they bring a stylish vibe to any kind of room, especially the living room. Also, you can pick this kind of chairs for your lovely desk.
7. Industrial bar stools
Once again the industrial decor is a big success so you can replace your kitchen or dining room chairs with some industrial bar stools. They are really cool and also fun so your guest and friends
will definitely love them.
Which trend is your favorite?