6 trends you loved and hated in 2018

The year 2018 saw a noticeable shift away from trends that dominated in the years prior, although it seems many of you still have a soft spot for Scandi style and millennial pink despite interior designers deeming the two trends ‘so yesterday’.

Curious to find out more about your opinions on the latest trends in the home, we took to Instagram with a poll asking you to share your thoughts.

There was no in between; you either loved or hated these six popular trends. Below, we’ve rounded up the results.

This matte black fireplace stands out in the pastel space. Image: Dulux. Styling: Bree Leech. Photo: Lisa Cohen

1. Matte black

86% love it, 14% hate it

Matte black has been having a moment and is showing no signs on slowing down. While we treated the trend with apprehension at first, embracing it only in smaller fixtures like tapware and tableware, it appears homemakers are approaching the concept more fearlessly now.

In 2018, we began to see the hue make its way across larger aspects in the home, adorning bathtubs, appliances and even structural elements like roofs and walls.

A whopping 86% of you love the trend and want to continue splashing it throughout your abodes.

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Matte black is here to stay! Picture: James Geer/Thomas Archer

2. Wicker

68% love it, 32% hate it

We constantly see the wicker and cane trend make its way back in vogue each summer.

But 2018 also saw wicker dominate the home, and not just in the summer months.

Sixty-eight per cent of you were all about embracing the trend in pieces like pendant lights and occasional chairs; some of you even had a ball warming your wicker up for summer with plush winter throws and faux furs.

Picture: Byron Bay Hanging Chairs

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3. Millennial pink

56% love it, 44% hate it

After a few strong years dominating the home, it seems you’re finally (almost) ready to move onto a new fave shade.

Our poll saw a near-even divide between those who loved the millennial pink hue (56%) and those who hated it (44%).

Those who adore the shade should fear not, though, because according to colour authority Pantone, the colour of 2019 is Living Coral, an “animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone”, and it happens to look stunning paired with softer shades of blush.

Millennial pink is on the way out. Picture: Terence Chin

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4. Concrete

79% love it, 21% hate it

Once reserved for structural facades and industrial builds, in 2018 concrete made a striking appearance inside more than one of your favourite dream homes.

It may have started with edgy planter pots, but now it seems 79% of you are keen to incorporate the trend in just about every room in the home, from pendant lights and bench tops in the kitchen to polished floors.

The concrete pendants add a touch of personality to this crisp white kitchen. Picture: Bunnings

5. Brass

64% love it, 36% hate it

Perhaps the easiest way to embrace the brass trend in the home is with interchangeable and non-permanent fixtures like tapware in areas like the bathroom and kitchen.

Beyond that, many of us are hesitant to take the trend further for fear it may go out as quickly as it came in (much like rose gold did a couple of years back).

The results of our poll reflected this, with only 64% of you saying you loved the idea of brass in the home.

This brass feature takes this space to the next level. Picture: Beacon Lighting

6. Scandi style

60% love it, 40% hate it

It was all anyone in the interior world could talk about a few seasons ago, but following the resounding advice from interior designers who said that 2018 was the year to really let one’s personal flair shine, many steered away.

In 2018, 60% of you still loved the clean and minimalistic look of Scandi style, while 40% of you opted to pull inspiration from other eras and areas of the world.

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Scandi style will always have a place in our homes. Picture: Norsu/Lisa Cohen

Originally published as 6 trends you loved and hated in 2018 by Katie Skelly. Author at realestate.com.au