5 Ways homeowners screw up their home renovation

Interior Designer: De Style Interior
You’ve finally obtained your ideal home, and of course you would want to renovate it and turn it into the house of your absolute dreams! You’ve spent countless hours flipping through renovation and interior design magazines and poring through interior websites, and you’re ready! However, there’s always the slightest chance that things may go awry. So, be extra careful and avoid these renovation mistakes that homeowners often make so you won’t have to go “oh, I wished I did that instead!”.
Setting too rigid a budget
So, first things first – the renovation budget. While it is not recommended to not carve out a renovation budget (unless you’re really financially blessed, of course), it would be similarly be unwise to go to the other end and set your budget too rigidly without any maneuvering room.
A pro-tip would be to set a reasonable amount you are comfortable with, taking into consideration the design of your home, and the cost of your renovation and home furnishing products. If you’re planning to do heavy reno works, like hacking and lots of carpentry, be prepared to fork out more! If you’re hiring renovators to do the work for you, you could quote them 85% of your true renovation budget, just in case there are changes in plans during the home renovation, and you end up having more things to spend on.
 Interior Designer: The Minimalist Society
Not keeping track of your expenses & going over budget
As an extension from the previous point, it is often quite difficult to keep track of your overall renovation expenses, especially if they are large-scale and have a pile of tasks to be done. Plus, last minute changes and unexpected repair or re-modeling work may also add to the expense. These costs will keep adding up, and before you know it, you’ve officially gone over-budget. *Yikes!*
This problem comes from the homeowner (yes, you!) not having enough visibility in the overall renovation and furnishing process. So, find yourself a  trustworthy renovator who will keep you updated on everything necessary, from the reno schedule, to the different stages of payment needed. This should give you better visibility into the process and be more assured about what to expect next, especially when it comes to costing.
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Not knowing where to cut cost and where to spend
Everyone loves a beautiful home. Especially if it is your very first home, of course you would want it to be as perfect as what you have always dreamed of.  But, did you know that many homeowners want a home renovation that looks to be worth $60,000, but only have a budget for $30,000? This happen so often because many homeowners do not have a true understanding of the market rates. As we have always advocated, dream homes are always possible IF you know where to cut cost and where to spend.
The easiest way to cut cost is to reduce heavy carpentry and reno works like hacking. You don’t need a built-in wardrobe to make that bedroom awesome – in fact you could even be getting an equally beautiful wardrobe that’s off-the-shelf for half the cost!!!  Another way to cut cost is to make full use of the furnishing products (which you are eventually needing anyway) to style your home, instead of renovating your home. Yes, bask into the world of interior styling and save your wallets!
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Renovating for someone you’re not
We know how the prospect of a new home excites the homeowner, who would often want to have the picture perfect home they see on Pinterest! Even so, as you’re designing your new home, it is important to know how your home will fit you seamlessly as a person. For example, having an open storage would be unwise if you’re a little messy (no shame there!) – imagine it quickly culminating in all your things being strewn across the space!
Make sure you know your own living habits and have your home fit you! It is always better to design a space that will support how you live now, rather than try to design your home in a way that may look nice, but would not be functional or practical.
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Buying furniture without seeing how it fits
It is imperative that you know how every piece of furniture would fit in your house. We mean that literally in terms of space, and also the theme of your home. Even though you cannot take your eyes off that gorgeous geometric coffee table you MUST have, remember a few things: would that coffee table fit spatially with the rest of your living room? Would it overwhelm the space? Furthermore, would it fit with the theme of your house?
So, remember to first plan out the type of furniture that your living space can accommodate before impulsively buying a piece of furniture that you may regret. And, if you’re engaging a designer to design your home for you, get him to help you design it based on real furnishing products. The idea is to get a realistic visualisation of your future home, before you sink your money in!
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