5 Unusual home designs for the unconventional

Done browsing through many home design photos and still can’t find what you love? Then you might just be needing something more unconventional, like these below!
The Lego home
Fans of colourful interiors and Lego, this home might just be your favourite! Designed by Distinct Identity, check out how this home took our favourite building blocks into a whole new level!
   Interior Designer: Distinct Identity
Pushing boundaries with dark colours
Most homeowners avoid over-using dark colours for interior design, for fear that the home would portray a moody and gloomy outlook. But this home designed by Rezt & Relax, pushed the colour boundaries and changed the game. By limiting the colour palette to dark brown and grey, and contrasting with lighter shades, we must say this home perfected the dark, warm and cozy look!
Interior Designer: Rezt & Relax
A hotel out of a home
If you’ve always loved hotel interiors, you might as well go all the way, and give your home the look of a hotel suite right? And that’s just what this home did! With its unifying warm colours and the luxury furnishings, this home by Design by Fifteen is certain to make you feel like you’re in a stay-cation everyday!
Interior Designer: Design by Fifteen
An Eclectic BTO
Talk about unconventional home designs, and we bet you can’t find a home design more unconventional than this BTO. Designed by Free Space Intent, this eclectic BTO brings together an unusual mix of bright purple wall designs and  patterned tiles that’s sure to make you look twice!
Interior Designer: Free Space Intent
When patterns meet colours
Polka dots for the entire wall, really? Yes, really! This HDB apartment in Hoy Fatt fused together contrasting patterns, like polka dots, and bright colours to give the space a chic look. And by blending it against a neutral background, this home design is sure far from overwhelming!
Interior Designer: Free Space Intent
If there’s anything worth taking away from these unconventional home designs, it must be that your home design must be something you really love. So if an unconventional design is what you love, why not!