5 trendy colours and how to use them in the home

Many people say that they prefer whites and beiges in their home because it helps evoke calmness. For me, the opposite is true.

Colour is my lifeblood, and in my home, colour is king which makes me very excited to tell you that in home design, more than ever, colour is celebrated.

Here are the five hottest colours to consider decorating with in 2019.

1. Apricot

I’m still not on the coral train (the 2019 Pantone Colour of the Year) but for whatever reason, I am two feet aboard the apricot wagon.

I would be inclined to paint all four walls of a girl’s bedroom a fabulous shade of apricot – feature walls feel disjointed! If you like the idea of the colour and you’re not so game as to paint the walls, work it in via a quilt cover or throw cushions.

If coral is just too hot to handle, try using a more subtle apricot shade in your home. Picture: Linen House

I would pair it with other saturated colours of the same family rather than contrast it with too much white which may feel a bit young and even a little bit ‘in your face’.

2. Lilac

If you’re a home enthusiast then you know last year’s 2018 Pantone Colour of the Year was, in fact, violet.

If you’re anything like me you probably thought, “Okay, really?” I instantly boycotted the idea in my head because I’ve never been drawn to shades of purple like lilac or violet, but in my bid to use a wider range of colours I’m definitely considering it.

What I wouldn’t do is use lilac in the home with pink. This combination feels very fairy floss to me, and I predict, if you’re above the age of 12, you would tire of it quickly. I really like the idea of using lilac with warmer and richer tones like a plum or aubergine for a more tonal effect.

Pair lilac with richer tones like aubergine for a less fairy floss look. Picture: Bagnoli Architects / Ari Hatzis

3. Green

I can’t recall when exactly apple green re-emerged as a hot colour trend, but thankfully, this year’s green is far more sophisticated.

Sage green, olive green and forest green are the hues of choice right now.

We hope to see more soft greens in kitchen designs if they continue to look this good. Picture: Amanda Prior/Dulux

Unlike lilac, which I predict will be a quick trend to date, the greens will have more longevity if used with consideration. There’s no shortage of green tones in homeware stores, but I love to see it on hard surfaces too such as bathroom tiles, cabinetry colours and wall colours.

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4. Terracotta and mustard

I pair these colours together because they come from similar origins. Anyone who came of age in the ’70s struggles to comprehend how these colours could possibly have made a comeback in design.

The verdict is in, however, and there is no denying how hot these colours are right now. (Note: I’m an ’80s kid who grew up thinking the ’70s were the coolest, so I am all in).

You’ll have no doubt seen these colours in shops; they’re often called cheeky names such as ‘rust’ and ‘tobacco’, but don’t let them fool you, it’s terracotta and mustard and you needn’t be scared. Go forth and embrace them!

Retro terracotta and mustard colours are having (another) moment in 2019. Picture: Bambury

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5. Plum

Gosh, I love this colour. There is something so regal and classic about the colour plum that it feels timeless without being safe. If you ever wanted to prove to yourself that you can pull off ‘moody’ this is the colour with which to dabble.

Think of a plum linen quilt cover with warm timbers and other rich colours such as a terracotta (or rust). I promise it’ll be deliciously good.

Plum is gloriously moody, especially in the cooler months. Photographer: Lisa Cohen / Dulux Australia. Styled by Bree Leech.

Originally published as 5 trendy colours and how to use them in the home by Carlene Duffy. Author at realestate.com.au.