5 kitchen appliances that do all the hard work for you

Better at watching MasterChef than, well, being a master chef?

There is actually a trick to getting cafe-style eggs or finely chopped ingredients – technology! Take the guesswork out of some of those notoriously hard cooking processes with these five must-have kitchen contraptions. They’ll make life easier, trust us.

1. Egg Poacher

Do you haunt the local cafes every weekend, ordering eggs you swear you “can’t make at home”?

We love a good brunch outing as much as the next person, but here’s the real news. You CAN make cafe-style eggs at home.

Cuisipro Egg Poacher Silver, S$27.90. Picture: Tangs

2. Nespresso coffee maker

George Clooney has spoken, people. This is officially the easiest coffee machine to master in the world.

With (literally) the press of a button, the innovative capsule system on a Nespresso machine gives you a delicious, full-bodied espresso, layered with crema and cafe-style hot, or with cold milk froth. Froth!

Lattissima One, S$448. Picture: Nespresso

3. Magic bullet

Okay, so making smoothies isn’t exactly hard when you consider the full gamut of cooking processes – but eating healthy food all the time definitely is.

But clean living is easy when your green or berry smoothies come together in seconds.

The Magic Bullet claims to cut through stems, seeds and more in no less than 10 seconds – also helping to make that tedious chopping and food prep an absolute breeze.

GPL/ Magic Bullet Blender, , Silver, S$168.24. Picture: Lazada.sg

4. Stand mixer

We get it – watching The Great British Bake Off makes you nervous and hungry, in equal measure, all at once.

Well, understand this: you can bake your cake and eat it too, eliminating the margin for error, by investing in a hard-working stand mixer, like this retro Smeg beauty.

Smeg Retro Style Kitchen Stand Mixer in Pink, $799 from E&S. Picture: Nikole Ramsay / E&S

It’s so good looking, you’d leave it on the bench, provided you have room, and just shuffle over in its direction every time you need to make bread, pizza, cakes, whipped cream, omelets… the list goes on!

5. Juicer

Some people say juicers are most trouble than they’re worth. We say, have you tried home-squeezed orange juice?

This beauty from Sunbeam will get the most out of your fruit and veg, and best of all, it comes with a cleaning brush and pulp container, so you can easily empty and clean.

The Sunbeam JE7800 Double Sieve Juicer, AUD$179 from Appliances Online. Picture: Appliances Online

Article repurposed from 5 kitchen appliances that do all the hard work for you by Alice Bradley. Author at realestate.com.au.