5 important areas in your home

Aligning Feng Shui Energies…

1. Main Door

Primary entrance of a property. It is important to identify and analyze the internal and external forms from both sides of the door as this could show you that the main door is either favourable or otherwise. There should be an open spacious area just outside your door to accumulate Qi.

2. Balcony

For apartments, the balcony is considered to be the secondary Qi Mouth for and is best located facing a favorable direction of landform. The facing direction of a balcony is measured by standing at the balcony facing outwards.

You should never place spiky plants here as they prevent good energy from flowing into your home. Plants with vibrant colours are always encouraged instead.

3. Kitchen

Important about your kitchen, the location of the stove and the sink.

The stove represents Fire and sink represent Water, placing the sink and stove side by side would be “Fire and Water Clash”. Avoid this by not placing them opposite or adjacent to each other or by placing an obstruction between them both.

4. Bedroom

Improve your sleep by filling your bedroom with greenery. Picture: Adairs

Your bed should not be aligned to the door or underneath a decorative beam. As this brings in Sha Qi, or the Killing Qi and will disrupt the occupant’s rest or health. Place your bed against a hard surface (wall) would allow a perfect balance between Ying and Yang in the space instead.

Also, avoid many windows or doors in your bedrooms.

5. Study room

Study rooms should be located in suitable sectors based on the formulas in Flying Stars and according to what is suitable to the property as dictated by environmental conditions.

The study desk is the focal point and its direction is measured by where on faces when seated at the desk – should sit facing his/her auspicious direction.

Article was written by Team Joey Yap.