5 art prints for the bathroom

Admit it, art in the bathroom can veer towards the horribly clichéd.

While people tend to stick to ‘safe’ themes like sandy beaches and seashells, there’s no reason to feel hemmed in by traditional bathroom scenes.

Embrace the bold and beautiful – we’ve picked five art prints to elevate bathtime feels.

1. Monochromatic

If you think black and white photographs are the stuff of nana’s sitting room, think again. A beguiling greyscale print can work wonders in a monochromatic bathroom.

The Solace print is part of Art Club Concept’s Femme Series and is all about celebrating female beauty.

The Solace print starts at $69.95 for a small size, from Art Club Concept. Picture: Art Club Concept

2. Intriguing

Add some intrigue to your wet areas with moody blue comic book style illustrations.

Sanctuary Cove-based artist Erin Nicholls, inspired by her love of Studio Ghibli films, aims to create a sense of everyday life in Japan with her Rainy Day artwork.

Limited edition Rainy Day print available through Bluethumb, for $298. Picture: Bluethumb

3. Soothing

Look to nature to inspire a sense of calm and relaxation in your spa-like sanctuary.

Woolloomooloo-based artist Christopher Lewis depicts a playful array of green and grey across a tableau of white with banksias and shadows.

Limited edition ‘Banksias with Shadows‘ print is available through Bluethumb, for $1,500. Picture: Bluethumb

4. Quirky

Who says you can’t hang original artworks in the bathroom?

We couldn’t resist including this playful scene, created with acrylics and paper on marine plywood and depicted by Perth artist Neil Elliott.

Bathroom Intruders original artwork, $3,350. Picture: Bluethumb

5. Striking

A photographic print in striking hues can be your bold statement against lacklustre seashell art.

Choose any landscape you love – it doesn’t have to be sandy beaches or themed around water just because it’s in the bathroom. We love the Palm Springs and desert scenes that are popular right now.

Frank Sinatra Residence (E. Stewart Williams) by artist Stephanie Kloss, from $340. Picture: LUMAS Gallery. Picture: Lumas Gallery

Originally published as 5 art prints for the bathroom by Alice Bradley. Author at realestate.com.au.