4 minimalist makeovers

Here are four simple ways you can transform your property, whether renter or homeowner, to make your space more liveable and appealing.

The space we surround ourselves with has a big impact on how we feel and interact with others. The mass of mainstream TV programs on room makeovers and creating great spaces to live in has meant more and more people who are looking to improve their homes and make them their own. We all pick up interiors magazines and flick enviously through the inspiring images. And we’re learning more and more to make the best of what we’ve got.

The trouble many people face is deciding where to start and working out what can be achieved while working within their given time frame and budget.

Here are four simple ways you can transform your property:


Paint is an amazingly simple and inexpensive way to achieve a dramatic transformation to your property.

Whether you repaint in the same colour to refresh the walls and remove the signs of everyday living and wear or inject a completely new colour scheme into the property, paint is a fantastic option.

It is also something that most people can have a go at doing themselves over the space of weekend.

Often renters can paint their spaces (as long as they consult their landlords), and a lot can be achieved with very little.


Mix it up

As homeowners, we can become very familiar with and complacent in the spaces we live. So take a fresh look at your spaces and rooms.

This is not always easy to do when you have been living there for a long period of time.

To help overcome this, try this exercise. Take the accessories (cushions, linen, lamps, art, ornaments) from all the living spaces in your home and place them on one single table.

Leave it there for a day or two. Go through the items and throw out (or recycle) anything that is broken or you don’t really love. Then start to rebuild each space using some different items to those that were originally in the space.

This is a great opportunity to go shopping for a few fresh on-trend items to freshen your “new spaces” too.

Soft furnishings

Soft furnishings can often end up looking a bit tired and worn due to everyday wear and tear. Breathing new life into them can impact the entire property.

To start with, give the cushions and rugs in the home a thorough clean, throw out anything that is looking past it used by date.

Look at adding some cushions and throws to a living or bedroom that will add texture and movement or even a dash of colour to transform the feel of a room.

Whether you shop online or in retail stores there’s a great variety of soft furnishings on the market and you’ll be sure to find something that matches your personal style.

Layer with light

An often forgotten element is the way we use light to create a welcoming and comfortable space. In many cases we approach lighting from a clinical perspective and not a design viewpoint.

To transform a room, consider including some table and floor lamps with bulbs or varying wattages. This will allow you to set an ambient feel with your lamps as well as maintain functional lighting as well.

Be sure to select bulbs that illuminate with a warm light rather than a cold white light.

Article repurposed from 5 minimalist makeovers.