3 ways to cover bare walls without hooks or paint

Bland, blank walls letting your lounge room down?

Rentovators Dan Brophy and Paul Wells share three out-of-the-box ideas for covering bare walls. The best bit? They’re all totally temporary.

Since you only get one chance to make a first impression, it’s encouraged that anyone – whether a renter or a homeowner – make a little bit of effort to ensure the walls in your room are doing you and your home justice.

“Your walls are the largest element in any space and take up the most amount of visual real estate. Walls are within your line of vision, and so they’re often the first thing we notice when walking into a new zone,” says Dan.

Paint and large-scale artworks are two easy ways to breathe new life into otherwise boring, bland walls, however, these options are not always available to renters. Fret not, though, because Dan has three cool and creative ideas to cover blank walls that are both effective and temporary.

From bare to brilliant. Picture: The Rentovators

1. Leaning library

Bookcases are a great way to cover blank walls and inject your personality into the space, but they work under the assumption that you own a lot of books. In the video above, Dan and Paul transform a huge white wall with two leaning libraries.

The lightweight shelf is comprised of one painted MDF sheet backing with small ledges nailed in for the books or magazines to rest upon. The duo made these libraries in one afternoon with basic tools and materials from the hardware store.

“It’s a really effective way to fill a huge amount of space with lots of colour, and if you change your mind about the palette, you can easily adjust the colour scheme at any time with a fresh coat of paint,” says Dan.

Inject colour and display your epic mag collection. Picture: The Rentovators

2. Tension rod curtains

Curtains work wonders for adding texture and mood in a space, and according to Dan, should be used whether they’re covering a window or not.

“In a previous rentovation we used sheer curtains to help diffuse light in a bright dining room, and in this rentovation, we opted for luxurious looking velvet curtains to bring texture and create a cosy vibe,” says Dan.

With tension rods, hanging curtains is cost effective and requires no nails or screws (read: no grumpy landlords).

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Nothing says movie time like a velvet curtain. Picture: The Rentovators

3. Temporary wallpaper

“Applying temporary wallpaper is so simple and easy – it’s like contacting a giant book,” says Dan.

Temporary wallpaper is one way to cover up large wall spaces, but Dan has a different idea as to how you can use this nifty new solution.

“We covered the doors of a cupboard with a rich wooden-look wallpaper from Luxe Walls, which helped add a textural element to an otherwise blank room,” says Dan.

The best bit? If time passes and you feel the urge to mix up the feel of your space, you can simply peel off the paper and apply a different design.

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Temporary wallpaper isn’t just for walls. Picture: The Rentovators

Originally published as 3 ways to cover bare walls without hooks or paint by Katie Skelly. Author at realestate.com.au.