3 Tips To Keep Your Home Beautiful

You’ve finally gotten your dream home and you’re heads over heel with it. You absolutely love the design. So you crossed your heart and promise yourself to keep the home looking this beautiful forever and ever!
Except… you know that’s almost impossible!
Because as life goes on, you’re going to have TONS of changes happening around at home. That new stuff you buy and those sentimental treasures you can’t bear to throw away even when they’re beyond repair… Yes, they are all going to turn your home upside down, before you even notice it.
To stop you from turning your once magnificently beautiful home into a grubby mess, here are 3 practical tips!
Interior Designer: Free Space Intent
Tip 1: Opt for flexible home furnishings
First things first, here’s the MOST MOST MOST important advice we have for you – go for flexible home furnishings. Yes, avoid all those heavy built-in works that are not only more dearly priced but will also keep you stuck with it, like forever.
Imagine what will happen if one day, you outgrow that built-in wardrobe design or accidentally chip off a part of its body? One thing’s for sure, they are gonna cost a hell lot more time, effort and precious money to get it replaced.
Interior Designer: Renozone
That’s also the reason why more and more homeowners are opting for modular wardrobes, cabinets, and storage solutions. Since they don’t require heavy carpentry work, they can easily be replaced when your needs change. So you get to keep your house looking awesome, without all the hassle! And the best part? There is a plethora of furniture stores out there that can customize them to just the right size and design you need!
Interior Designer: The Minimalist Society
Tip 2: Refresh your home design every now and then
Staying in a beautiful home can be soothing to the eye. But staying in the same beautiful home year after year can make you ‘immune’ to its beauty. The sure-fire way to keep you in love with your home is to refresh your home design every now and then. If you have gotten the first tip right, this would be so easy-peasy and cheap for you. With flexible furnishings, you can give your home a makeover just by making some minor changes!
Like changing that wall photo in your living room….
Interior Designer: Free Space Intent
…. or by rearranging those home decor treasures at home…
Photo: Kaboompics, Pixabay
… or even changing the cushion or mattress cover designs!
Photo: erikawittlieb, Pixabay
To make life so much easier, go with a neutral tone as the primary colour of home design, and add in pops of colour with your home furnishing accessories. Neutral colours blend well with almost everything under the sun, even your home appliances. This, coupled with the more vivid accessories, is sure to turn your home into a stunning abode!
Tip 3: Say no to clutter
Now, this last tip is really all about self-discipline. Like it, or not, nothing stays beautiful for long unless they are well-kept in their spick-and-span condition.
One thing is for sure, good storage solutions are a must-have when it comes to decluttering. So, be sure to find those that is enough to tidy away all your treasures.
But sentimental friends, if you find yourself having heaps of ‘treasures’ with no space to store them away, do rethink if the items are really needed! Anything that you don’t foresee yourself needing/using in the next 5 years is clutter, not treasure! So, let’s not keep them by our side, alright?
Interior Designer: The Minimalist Society
And of course, the make or break thing in decluttering is about keeping the space as clean and neat as possible. Yes, that means you’ve really got to be diligent in cleaning and tidying up. But for your dream home, that’s not too hard, right?