2019 Open Concept Kitchen Trends

As the size of newly built apartments is getting smaller, open concept kitchen is getting more popular as it opens up the limited space we have.

Open-concept kitchens give you with a ton of space to move around in, and since they’re usually connected to the dining room and the living room area.

However, unlike an enclosed kitchen, the aesthetic of the kitchen becomes more significant. The open concept kitchen has to blend seamlessly into the dining and living space. Sometimes, this type of kitchen is designed to be the centrepiece of the home.

We took the time to suss out the different looks, special equipment and new appliances to help you create your very own open concept kitchen.

Kitchen design

Kitchen in Eco Sanctuary Condo. Picture: iProperty

The first trend we are seeing is a wide and deep cabinet. The days of kitchens that have wraparound counters and upper cabinets are over. The new kitchens of 2019 feature one wall of lower cabinets and countertops with wide deep drawers to store all your pots and pans.

Storage walls are also making a mark in the modern day kitchen. Open shelves and overhead pot racks not only collect dust, but they also cause the kitchen to look cluttered.

Floor to ceiling storage cabinets helps keep the façade clean with plenty of storage space well hidden. It is a sure win for small kitchens with limited storage space.

Kitchen in HDB unit. 201 Bishan Street 23. Picture: iProperty

Kitchen islands are great, but what about movable kitchen islands?

Yes, the kitchen island is now movable, allowing for a change in kitchen configuration in accordance to your needs. A moving kitchen island allows you to extend the kitchen into the living room, or it can double as a dining table when you invite guests over.

Contrasting textures have made their appearance in the kitchen. We’re seeing a rising number of homes using combinations of sleek finishes like marble worktops with textured bronze inlays or mirrored backsplashes with sandblasted timber.

These textures give you kitchen quite the visual twist while keeping things pleasing to the eye.

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Kitchen appliances

Cooking is seeing a resurgence, with more people taking up the role of a home gourmet chef. Along with this, we’re seeing the rise of well-designed kitchen appliances meant for the home chef.

The first trend we’re seeing in this area is the built-in Sous vide cooktop. French for “under vacuum”, sous vide cooking is the process of sealing food in an airtight bag or container and then cooking that food in a temperature-controlled water bath.

This technique ensures that contents are cooked evenly, all the while retaining moisture. With sous vide machines getting more accessible, home chefs can whip up restaurant quality food using a built-in Sous Vide cooktop.

Family Hub, Samsung Smart Fridge. Picture: Samsung

The Smart fridge has landed. A refrigerator with a touch screen that syncs up with your voice is now a reality. A good example would be the latest Family Hub smart fridges from Samsung. The fridge actually allows you to view the inside of the fridge from your phone, find recipes on the touch screen and even stream video.

The fridge also syncs calendars from Google and Outlook with each member of the family.

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Kitchen. Picture: Getty Images/Caiaimage

Another new innovation that has helped to usher in the age of the open concept kitchen is the downdraft venting system. Kitchen hoods are a must especially for an open concept kitchen where smoke can linger everywhere, from cushion sofa to curtains if left unchecked. The new downdraft vents effectively remove smoke, grease, odour and moisture without the bulky overhead hood. It helps draw smoke, grease, odours and moisture out of the kitchen air.

As a space-saving measure, downdraft vents are built to rise over cooktop surfaces and can retract when they’re not in use.

Hidden induction cooktops are another exceptionally cool innovation. When you are not cooking, the surface becomes just another countertop, but when you’re ready to cook, the surface turns into a cooktop. Fast, safe, and aesthetically pleasing, induction burners utilize less heat with even the smallest of kitchens. They also eliminate the need for an obtrusive range hood, clearing the way for endless design possibilities.

If you want to maximise space, you can now make the most of your sink by adding accessories like a sliding cutting board, multi-level sink, a colander that sits on the edge of the sink, and a compost bin/scrap collector for easy cleanup.

2019 has been a great year for innovation in the kitchen. While that’s all that we’ve found for this year, please feel free to let us know by email if you’ve come across anything else that’s new and noteworthy!

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