2 stylish (yet practical!) ways to store shoes

For many people, shoes are the hero of their fashion rotation; worn high, low, in sneaker form… you name it. What that means is shoe storage at home can get somewhat outta control.

This week we revealed Lana Taylor’s epic urban mud room – a trendy and functional space designed to suit her family’s Sydney lifestyle and the ‘no shoes’ policy in the house.

Lana’s urban mud room was renovated to include loads more shoe storage and cupboard space.

How can you make your shoe storage solutions work for you? Picture: Temple & Webster / Sue Stubbs. Styling: Jono Fleming

It got us thinking about shoe storage in the rest of the home – and what kinds of stylish yet practical options are out there to choose from.

Here are some of our faves.

For the entryway

If you’re not lucky enough to have your own version of a mudroom at home, the entryway is your next best bet for stashing shoes. Doing it with class is key, especially for homes with young families, where rogue shoes – and dirty ones at that – are commonplace.

Just as shoes can be a fashion lover’s best friend, baskets are a home decorator’s best friend. They can be used for all sorts – none the more handy than for shoe storage.

We love this Temple & Webster Halifax bench seat with cushions; it creates your own little mudroom vibe while helping to ensure grubby shoes don’t get walked through the house.

Style starts at the entryway. Picture: Temple & Webster / Denise Braki. Styling: Jono Fleming

For the hallway

Shoe storage solutions in this space are all about accessibility. Stackable shoe racks will give you more space to play with, and also make for a cool – yet practical – addition to the hallway.

Simple, stylish and super practical. Picture: Ikea

Originally published as 3 stylish (yet practical!) ways to store shoes by Kristy Barratt. Author at realestate.com.au.