16 epic bathroom storage ideas

Bathroom storage is one of the key areas of the home we always seem to need to work on, whether it’s by decluttering bathroom storage drawers or whipping the whole space into an organised piece of paradise.

When it comes to establishing order and functionality within your bathroom, it’s the least considered spaces that provide the best bathroom storage ideas: Think the back of bathroom storage units, behind bathroom doors, and the like.

This contemporary bathroom design proves that storage can be stunning. Picture: realestate.com.au/buy

Robyn Amott is a professional organiser, declutter specialist, owner of Bless this Mess and member of the Institute of Professional Organisers. She says it’s also vital that items housed in the bathroom have a purpose in this space. “If it’s utilised elsewhere, relocate it to where it does have a purpose,” she says.

She adds: “The majority of personal care, make up and hair products only have a shelf life of six to 12 months, so chances are that blue eye shadow from the ’80s is well out of date.”

Here, Robyn shares 16 epic bathroom storage ideas that are bound to whip your bathroom into shape.

1. Use drawer dividers

Drawer dividers are a great way to create mini zones within drawers for like items.

Bathroom vanity drawers can be notorious for holding loose bits and pieces. Drawer dividers are a simple solution to keep the clutter at bay. Picture: Getty

2. Opt for stackable acrylic containers

What you can’t see you likely won’t use. This is why make-up should be stored in clear acrylic storage containers. Picture: Getty

Stackable acrylic containers allow you to visually see the contents inside the storage solution. In particular, acrylic make-up organisers protect your drawers from leaks and spills – and they’re easy to clean. Bonus.

3. Consider the plumbing in bathroom storage units

InaDrawer creates drawers under your existing sink’s plumbing for the ultimate bespoke storage. Picture: InaDrawer

The plumbing under the sink can often make bathroom shelves and storage difficult. Remove any potential wasted air space and avoid stacking items under the sink by using slide-out bathroom storage drawers that allow ease of access.

Or, go with a custom design by storage solution company InaDrawer – they can work the drawer around the plumbing to ensure you get maximum bang for space.

4. Use pull-out baskets with handles

If you have bathroom storage shelves available, use handy pull-out organisers to group like with like items together.

The woven pull-out basket trend isn’t going anywhere. Picture: Getty

5. Label bathroom storage drawers

Give each bathroom storage drawer a purpose or name, i.e., make-up drawer, hair drawer, shaving, lotions, etc. This will help you connect with your zones and ensures you know exactly where to find and put away items, keeping things organised for longer.

6. Vertical storage is a thing, you know

Using the inside of bathroom storage units and cabinets is great for small bathrooms. Attach baskets to the inside of cabinet doors and store items there that you need easy daily access to.

Flexible woven baskets with handles are ideal to hang inside cabinet doors for your daily necessities. Picture: Toby Scott/Sheets on the Line

7. Keep the counter top clear

Incorporate a glass shelf above the sink or mount light-weight bamboo sectionals for a winning and attractive bathroom storage solution.

A bamboo ladder is also an affordable vertical solution for small-space storage. Picture: Ikea

8. Add hooks behind the bathroom door

Hooks on the back of the bathroom door are great for bathroom towel storage, hanging shower caps or keeping a dressing gown handy without the visual clutter.

9. Use a shower caddy

They’re not just for the shower, you know. Use a shower caddy inside a tall cabinet or behind the bathroom door – it’s great if you’re seeking small bathroom storage ideas.

A tall cabinet can be a lofty area of unused space if you’re just placing small items on the single shelf inside. A shower caddy solves this problem by letting you store things vertically within. Picture: Getty

10. Add bathroom storage shelves under the sink

By doing so you’ll remove all that wasted air space while ensuring you can access items independently, i.e., you won’t have to move stacked items to get to what you need. It will also mean you’re more likely to use and put away items.

11. Install bathroom storage furniture

If you’re short on storage, install a slim cabinet on a blank wall with narrow shelving. Install a mirror on the door to reflect light, too, as this will create a sense of added space and give the illusion of a bigger bathroom.

This apartment’s bathroom uses many space-saving storage tricks, such as a mirrored medicine cabinet, slim shelves and a toilet cistern that’s hidden in a marble bench. Picture: realestate.com.au/buy

12. Repurpose used items

Apothecary jars or old candle jars can be repurposed to create a touch of class, while still having a purpose.

A luscious scented candle can stay on your bathroom shelf long after it burns out if you use the vessel as storage. Picture: Circa Home

13. Keep medicines out of the bathroom

The heat and steam can greatly affect the validity of your products; rather store them in a cabinet above the fridge or in a high pantry shelf.

14. Recess it

The cavity space between your walls is the perfect spot for installing small bathroom storage shelves or cabinets.

Why not hang small storage units like art? Picture: TheGroovyNeedle

15. Toothbrush storage

For electric toothbrushes, install a powerpoint inside your medicine cabinet so you can keep toothbrushes off the counter top. Or utilise the inside of the lower or upper cabinet door for manual toothbrushes.

16. Donate it

Whether it’s a skincare pack you got for your birthday, a goodie bag sample, or hotel shampoo bottles, donate any unopened items

If you have an ever-growing collection of hotel shampoos and conditioners, it’s time to let them go to a better cause. Picture: Getty

Originally published as 16 epic bathroom storage ideas by Kristy Barratt. Author at realestate.com.au.