10 Top Storage Tips To Create Extra Space In Your Home

It doesn’t matter how big your home is, how many people you live with or how much stuff you own; you never have as much space as you want! 
Here’s 10 clever ways to optimise your space, even if you don’t have much to begin with.
1. Hanging 
Make use of your wall space. Hooks are great, whether its pots and pans in the kitchen, your bike in the living room or your guitars in the bedroom; hanging stuff on walls is an excellent way of saving your precious floor space and cabinet space, and can serve as refreshing décor.
2. Use Baskets Whenever Possible. 
Not only do baskets help you to keep all your items organized, it’s also a stylish way to mask your mild hoarding habit. Baskets are a great way of optimizing shelf space.
3. Turn your wall into a built-in book shelves. 
Install shelves the same colour as your wall to create the illusion of built in book shelves. This will make the room feel bigger and also serves as a brilliant storage solution.
4. Put it Behind-The-Door. 
Make use of space behind your door with behind the door shoe holders— these aren’t just for shoes. Use them for storing socks and underwear, rolled-up towels, toiletries, cleaning products, etc. behind your door. This will free up some much needed cabinet space. 
5. Add A Shower Caddy. 
No more tripping over shampoo and conditioner bottles in the shower. To save even more space, hang a couple of these either side of your mirror for all of your toiletries. 
6. Rack Up Some Extra Space. 
An old dish rack serves as the perfect storage solution to hold all your post, files and loose papers. This will free up surface space on your tables and counter tops. 
7. Use A Pegboard in The Kitchen. 
Save your ears from the clanging pots and pans every time you open your kitchen cabinet. A peg board serves as a great pot rack and is a lot quieter.
8. Increase Your Cabinet Storage. 
Adding shelves to the inside of your cabinet doors is a simple way of maximising your storage space. This will save you both money and floor space needed for an additional cabinet.
9. Use Under-Bed Boxes 
Remember when your Mum asked you to clean your room as a child? Under the bed is still a great place to store you things. Put your items in boxes and utilise that space were the monster used to live.
10.Think Small 
You might need all the closet space you can get, but if you can sacrifice a nook, you’d be surprised what you could turn it into. Turn your closet into a small office space, an elegant solution and useful area when you’ve got some work to do.
Still Need Some Extra Space?
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Credits to Extra Space Asia