10 super cool jewellery storage solutions

It’s a sad day when you realise you’ve outgrown your twirling ballerina music box.

Thankfully, there’s an exciting range of pretty and practical ways to store and display more mature collections of beads and bangles.

Check out this line-up of mostly handmade, inexpensive jewellery organisers and displays.

1. Gold-leaf trinket dish

Intricate little trinket dishes are perfect for keeping stackable rings contained in their sets.

These ones have gold leaf carefully applied to the outside and are finished in a range of beautiful sorbet colours, including peach, mint and pale pink.

trinket dish for rings

Perfect for grouping sets of rings. Picture: Rosie Hind / The Pink Rosebud

2. DIY jewellery tree

Long pretty chains can get easily tangled in boxes or drawers – and for the prettier ones, it seems a shame to stash them away.

This is the easiest DIY hack ever. Simply grab some sturdy branches from your garden, arrange them artfully in a vase and you have yourself a delightfully rustic necklace stand.

jewellery tree

The easiest DIY project ever. Picture: Ashlee Park / My So Called Crafty Life

3. Copper & cement stand

For a more modern take on the necklace stand, Melodie Telliex creates these oh-so-trendy jewellery organisers from copper pipes and cement.

The robust frame can be used to display all types of jewellery and looks like a piece of art in its own right.

jewellery stand

This copper and cement necklace holder is right on trend. Picture: Melodie Telliex / Slinky Home

4. Restored mini chest-of-drawers

An actual chest-of-drawers is a lot harder to restore, but this mini version is the perfect size for keeping little treasures.

Keep your eyes peeled for one at op-shops and bring it back to life with a couple of coats of chalk paint, one coat of clear wax and glued-on vintage buttons for handles. Too cute.

If cute and quaint is your jam, why not restore a mini set of drawers to stash your jewellery? Picture: Ashlee Park / My So Called Crafty Life

5. Marbled ring cones

These handmade marbled clay ring cones look elegant enough on their own, but even better when holding your precious rings.

Place one each in the bathroom and kitchen for when you need to wash your hands or do the dishes – and a few on your bedside table for ease of access before bed.

ring cone jewellery storage

Abstract ring displays are practical too. Picture: Folkish

6. Cork all-in-one organiser

The best way to organise your jewellery is in easy-to-reach places – if you keep it stashed away you’ll never wear it.

This cork board uses geometric shapes on a white background to create dedicated spaces for your favourite pieces and even has hooks for necklaces.

jewellery organiser

This all-in-one organiser is great for keeping your jewellery within reach. Picture: Dikla Lahiani / Ethnica Handmade Design Studio

7. Rustic necklace hooks

We have hooks to keep our coats and robes organised, so why not do the same for necklaces?

If you love the look of natural timbers, you’ll adore this jewellery rack made from reclaimed Oregon barn wood.

8. Driftwood hanging

An elegant take on jewellery storage, these jewellery hangers are made from driftwood found on the shores of the Hudson River in the US.

Grab a few in different sizes for a unique take on the gallery wall.

9. Old-fashioned jewellery box

For ultra precious items, sometimes you just want a good old-fashioned jewellery box.

These antique-look display cases from Pottery Barn will showcase your collectables at every angle and include a punched metal steel trim for that artisan look.

10. Modern geometric jewellery box

If you love a more contemporary look, the geometric boxes from Waen are great for storing tiny treasures.

Made from glass – so you can still see your precious items – and trendy copper or brass, they look fabulous on a side table.

The Equilateral Triangle Glass Geometric Box. Picture: Murat Ozsaltik / Waen


Originally published as 10 super cool jewellery storage solutions by Alice Bradley, Author at realestate.com.au