10 Study room designs that even adults will love

Whether you have a student in the house or a working adult, the study room is a room you can’t miss. So, check out these 10 awesome study room designs that’re sure to make both adults and children fall in love with!
Pastel Love
We all know blue colour helps you relax your mind and is great for productivity. But, this study room in Punggol did one step further with the use of pastel blue to accentuate the relaxing and calming feeling. If you’re looking for a place to get you rejuvenated for work or studying, this must be it!
Interior Designer: Free Space Intent
Simplicity at its best
For those who can’t live with a single hint of mess, this minimalist study room in Fernvale Link will be your favourite! With its simple yet spacious design, this study is sure to set you on your productivity drive!
Interior Designer: DB Studio
Take my breath away
Now, what’s even better than a study room that lets you take a breather as and when you like it?! Strategically placed right by the window that offers a great outdoor view, this open-concept study room is sure to take your breath away!
Interior Designer: Free Space Intent
For the workaholics
You know you’re a workaholic when you can’t have a good night sleep unless you have your workstation right by your side. So, to the workaholics among us, here’s to you – the study room that’s so conveniently located right by your bed, that you won’t have to move out of your room and still get everything moving!
Interior Designer: Distinct Identity
Decor in a shelf
And, as we know it, no study room can do without a shelf. So, why not make a design statement with an eye-catchy shelf like this one?
Interior Designer: Distinct Identity
Cozy corners you can’t resist
Now, no one ever said study rooms are only for working or studying, right? Check out how this study room, designed by Weiken.com, broke the norm and created a cozy space that’s great for winding down and relaxing your mind, after your productive hours!
Interior Designer: Weiken.com
Brown for the gentlemen
If your study is mostly conquered by the gentlemen in the house, you might want to go with an earthy brown tone, which happens to be a commonly favoured colour for men. And why not get some inspiration from this study room that combines brown with a practical work station design!
Interior Designer: De Style
Open-concept workstation
Where space is a constraint, you might not be able to set aside one full room just for a workstation. For such cases, why not turn those unused corners into an open-concept workstation like this below?
Interior Designer: Weiken.com
Go extravagant in style
Or, if luxe is your game, then you’ve gotta check out this extravagant study that’s sure to make everyone go wow!
Interior Designer: Design 4 Space
Read and relax station
And for the avid readers, wouldn’t it be nice if you had a reading chair where you can sit back and relax as you do your reading, like this one?
Interior Designer: Free Space Intent
There you go! With awesome study room designs like these, who wouldn’t be productive, right?