10 signs your partner has a bad taste in decor

Always having decor disagreements with your other half? It can be tough, can’t it?

Here’s a list of things that proves your partner is clueless when it comes to interior design, so you can show it to them and finally prove who’s boss!

They want puffy leather recliners

If you’ve asked your other half what style of chair they’re into, and they respond with something like “those black leather recliners with the built-in drink holder look good”, run for the hills. Any recliner that puffs is off limits. You won’t convince me otherwise.

There are better armchair options on the market today, like this natural woven beauty. Picture: Eve Wilson/Capra Designs

They’ve asked for a man cave

Got an extra spare room and not sure what to do with it? If your partner has suggested a man cave, you have cause for concern. If the man cave is to be filled with girly posters, beer-related novelties, and anything remotely close to taxidermy animal heads, get in the car and never come back.

They’ve requested a NASA-style office chair

Does your partner need a desk chair for home? If they’re keen to buy one with a high back, pleather upholstery, and any sort of large branding on it (like a sports car slogan), it’s time to pack up your life and move to another state. They are not William Shatner in Star Trek.

They don’t ‘see the point’ in cushions on beds

Are you facing the same cushion argument every time you get into bed at night? “Do we really need all of these?” you’ll often hear your frustrated partner ask.

My response: “Do you really need all those Xbox games, car parts, beer, weekends at the football?”. An argument over, I suspect!

Plants in the bedroom assist in a better quality sleep. Picture: Adairs

They make statements like “but there’s nothing wrong with it”

Eager to get a new rug, new carpet, or set of new chairs? All too often you’re met with your partner’s insistence that there’s nothing wrong with the decor you already have. This is behaviour that needs to be curbed immediately. Withhold all physical activity until they see the error of their ways.

They brought home a remote control holder for the sofa arm

Similar to my belief that all puffy recliner chairs should never see the light of day, the cover you slip over them to hold all your remotes is equally grotesque. These contraptions – designed to house all remotes in one place – look shocking and should not exist on earth.

They pronounce it ‘chase’ instead of ‘chaise’

It’s a debate I’ve had with my own family many times, but #sorrynotsorry, the long section of your sofa that makes it an L shape is not called a chase. It’s a chaise (pronounced ‘shayz’). Google it if you must.

It’s a chaise (pronounced ‘shayz’) – not “chase”. Picture: West Elm

They want to display figurines… in living areas

I get it; some people love Star Wars, or Star Trek or Game of Thrones. And sure, it’s cute that they’ve taken to amassing a corresponding figurine collection.

What’s not cute is any request to display these in a communal area like a living room. Save these moments for spare rooms, basements, or the house next door.

They openly embrace displaying the boomerang pillow

I do my best not to judge, so if you have a boomerang pillow, I’m down with it. But it’s not cute to display on the bed. It’s just not. The pillow covers with the frilly trim are even more of an eyesore. So perhaps pop the boomerang in the cupboard when it’s not in use.

They thought quote wall decals were cool

Have you ever forgotten to live, love or laugh? I have not. With this in mind, please ensure your partner never veers toward (or indeed purchases) any wall decals that celebrate this statement or something similar.

Originally published as 10 signs your partner has bad taste in decor by Chris Carroll. Author at realestate.com.au.