10 bathroom trends for 2019

What bathroom trends will we be seeing more of in 2019? We caught up with the experts to find out.

From matte basins and bath and concrete everywhere to luxe materials and high-end finishes, there is no end to how fabulous bathrooms can and will look in 2019.

Here, we reveal the top trends to keep on your radar if you’re considering making over this essential space in your home.

1. Timber vanities and wood finishes

In 2019 it’s all about the timber vanity.

“Timber vanities work perfectly with neutral tile colours to really create a statement in the bathroom,” says Elise Pride from The Blue Space, an online retailer of bathroom products.

This timber vanity is seriously on point. Picture: Lucas Muro

“Real timber vanities feature beautiful natural patterns, however, If you are looking for a more cost-effective option look at melamine timber finishes. They are durable and available in many different tones and textures that resemble your favourite timber finish.”

Nick Swan from Methven agrees and also recommends considering different types of wood in your bathroom: “Don’t be afraid to mix different types and grains together. Choose one feature wood and then accent with another,” he says.

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2. Freestanding baths

Freestanding baths are here to stay.

“A freestanding bath allows you to indulge in an immersive bathing experience,” says Daniel Mazzei, director of Mazzei Homes. “There is a wide range of styles, sizes and colours available to choose from, allowing you to select the perfect bath to suit your home and your needs.

A freestanding bath creates a sense of luxury and offers an immersive bathing experience – what’s not to love? Picture: Mazzei Homes Art House The Residence

3. Matte finish baths and basins

Freestanding baths with matte finishes are a hot trend in 2019.

“Most matte basins and baths are made from a stone material that has a satin matte finish,” says Elise. “Matte finishes in the bathroom are the perfect way to make your space feel luxurious and resort-like, plus, the matte finish is coated, so the material is non-porous and won’t stain.”

Matte basins continue the resort-like feel in your space. Picture: The Blue Space

4. Forest green

Forest green in the home and bathroom, in particular, will be a huge trend in 2019.

As homemakers become more comfortable with stepping outside the box, they will look to experiment with colours and find a statement, striking pieces, such as bold bathroom vanities like the one pictured below, for their most utilised spaces.

The new Oliver wall hung vanity in forest green by Highgrove Bathrooms retails from AUD$339.

5. Terrazzo tiles

We are huge fans of terrazzo tiles at Lifestyle HQ, so it pleases us to know in 2019 this look will continue to reign supreme – if used correctly, that is.

Yup terrazzo is still on our lust lists for 2019. Picture: realestate.com.au

“Terrazzo tiles can be overbearing and quite heavy if used to cover the entire bathroom,” says Nick.

His tip? “Combine terrazzo tiling with other tiles or natural materials like wood. You can also blend these materials together in alternative ways with wood panelling interrupting tiling at interesting angles either on the floor or wall.”


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6. Brushed nickel and stainless steel taps

“Brushed nickel and stainless steel taps are the perfect partner to terrazzo tiles,” says Elise. “Designers are loving the raw metal look.”

Stainless steel taps continue to be popular thanks to their industrial look. Picture: Methven

“We are seeing this colour tapware used in bathrooms in replacement of chrome and even black taps for a more luxurious look,” she says.

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7. Bold wallpaper

It’s comeback time for wallpaper, people. Think bold patterns, loud colours and textured wallpaper – this trend offers you a chance to release your inner wild child and just have fun.

“Wallpaper is a cost-effective and hassle-free way to breathe new life into an outdated space,” says Wesley Sinclair from Highgrove Bathrooms.

“Bring the splashback to your bathroom in the form of wallpaper instead of tiling to refresh the area around your vanity.”

“If you want to make an even bolder statement, consider a feature wall or lining the top third of your bathroom with a remarkable wallpaper. With the right splash-proof material you can have the look you want without the hassle of relining every six months.”

Wallpaper can never be too bold! Case in point – this insanely colourful space. Picture: Highgrove Bathrooms

8. Luxe materials and high-end finishes

“If your budget allows it, investing in one or two expensive elements can increase the sense of luxury of the overall design,” says Daniel.

“Higher quality flooring materials such as real stone and tapware are examples of elements that will substantially increase the value of your bathroom.”

A little luxe goes a long way in making your bathroom stand out. Picture: Mazzei Homes Art House The Residence

9. Shaker-style cabinetry

Another trend making a comeback in 2019 is shaker-style cabinetry.

“The detailed design of the cabinet doors work perfectly for Hamptons, farmhouse or heritage-style bathrooms,” says Elise. The bonus is this style of cabinetry adds a modern twist to a once dated look.

“Shaker-style vanities add character to your space in a subtle and stylish way,” says Elise. Picture: The Blue Space

10. Concrete

Concrete is one of the chicest urban industrial materials going around, and the trend is showing no signs of slowing.

“We are seeing with increasing popularity concrete being used for floors and walls and even whole basins,” says Andy Grigor, head of design and innovation at Methven.

“It’s also a great material for built-in shelving and hollowed-out niches to hold towels and other accessories.”

The shower scene shows how stunning concrete can look when used right in a bathroom renovation. Picture: Methven

Originally published as Bathroom trends for 2019 by Kristy Barratt. Author at realestate.com.au.