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Location Built UpPrice
NorthoaksNorthoaks1238 sq. ft.$900,000
BellewoodsBellewoods786 sq. ft.$607,000
Rosewood SuitesRosewood Suites1927 sq. ft.$1,400,000
Forestville ECForestville EC1496 sq. ft.$1,116,000
Forestville - ECForestville - EC1496 sq. ft.$1,121,000
Forestville - ECForestville - EC1195 sq. ft.$925,000
Forestville - ECForestville - EC1066 sq. ft.$774,000
Forestville - ECForestville - EC1066 sq. ft.$777,000
Country Garden-Danga BayCountry Garden-Danga Bay1216 sq. ft.$500,000
Puteri Cove ResidencesPuteri Cove Residences507 sq. ft.$280,000
Symphony SuitesSymphony Suites789 sq. ft.$788,000
BellewoodsBellewoods786 sq. ft.$636,000
BellewoodsBellewoods936 sq. ft.$722,000
BellewoodsBellewoods1152 sq. ft.$870,000
RosewoodRosewood1173 sq. ft.$1,080,000
NorthoaksNorthoaks1249 sq. ft.$850,000
WoodsvaleWoodsvale1313 sq. ft.$860,000
WoodsvaleWoodsvale1281 sq. ft.$850,000
WoodsvaleWoodsvale1238 sq. ft.$830,000
WoodsvaleWoodsvale1227 sq. ft.$850,000
Rosewood SuitesRosewood Suites1927 sq. ft.$1,400,000
CasablancaCasablanca1195 sq. ft.$1,068,888
Riverbank, 5 Bedroom from 1320KRiverbank, 5 Bedroom from 1320K1389 sq. ft.$1,320,000
Twin FountainsTwin Fountains1055 sq. ft.$772,830
Twin FountainsTwin Fountains1119 sq. ft.$814,680
Twin FountainsTwin Fountains1152 sq. ft.$874,200
T8T8474 sq. ft.$198,000
 the tennery the tennery 613 sq. ft.$850,000
ForestvilleForestville1066 sq. ft.$762,000
ForestvilleForestville1496 sq. ft.$1,109,000
ForestvilleForestville1195 sq. ft.$927,000
BelleWoodsBelleWoods936 sq. ft.$738,000
Twin FountainsTwin Fountains1098 sq. ft.$766,785
BelleWoodsBelleWoods1152 sq. ft.$892,000
Twin FountainsTwin Fountains1055 sq. ft.$760,830
BelleWoodsBelleWoods786 sq. ft.$633,000
BelleWoodsBelleWoods1249 sq. ft.$945,000
Twin FountainsTwin Fountains1108 sq. ft.
AstakaAstaka2659 sq. ft.$2,565,880
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood431 sq. ft.$650,000
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood1765 sq. ft.$1,580,000
Woodhaven Condominium, Woodgrove AvenueWoodhaven Condominium, Woodgrove Avenue624 sq. ft.$738,000
RosewoodRosewood1173 sq. ft.$1,050,000
Woodgrove CondominiumWoodgrove Condominium2046 sq. ft.$1,480,000
WoodsvaleWoodsvale1313 sq. ft.$990,000
Freehold COUNTRY GARDEN DangaFreehold COUNTRY GARDEN Danga472 sq. ft.$150,000
Freehold COUNTRY GARDEN DangaFreehold COUNTRY GARDEN Danga1200 sq. ft.$350,000
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood603 sq. ft.$715,000
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood431 sq. ft.$590,000
bellewoodswoodlandsbellewoodswoodlands786 sq. ft.$628,000
bellwoodsbellwoods786 sq. ft.$628,000
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood1916 sq. ft.$2,000,000
Rosewood Suites 3 brm  Gardern loverRosewood Suites 3 brm Gardern lover1539 sq. ft.$1,239,800
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood603 sq. ft.$800,000
forestvilleforestville79 sq. m$650,000
CasablancaCasablanca1119 sq. ft.$980,000
AstakaAstaka2217 sq. ft.$1,930,160
CasablancaCasablanca962 sq. ft.$800,000
WoodsvaleWoodsvale1227 sq. ft.$820,000
BellewoodsBellewoods786 sq. ft.$656,000
NorthoaksNorthoaks1238 sq. ft.$878,000
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood753 sq. ft.$1,080,000
Woodgrove CondoWoodgrove Condo1518 sq. ft.$1,190,000
NorthoaksNorthoaks1249 sq. ft.$848,000
The WoodsvaleThe Woodsvale1300 sq. ft.$840,000
The WoodsvaleThe Woodsvale1227 sq. ft.$830,000
The WoodsvaleThe Woodsvale1346 sq. ft.$805,000
NorthoaksNorthoaks1249 sq. ft.$880,000
NorthoaksNorthoaks1291 sq. ft.$930,000
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood506 sq. ft.$668,000
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood603 sq. ft.$780,000
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood603 sq. ft.$760,000
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood430 sq. ft.$650,000
CasablancaCasablanca904 sq. ft.$888,888
CasablancaCasablanca1119 sq. ft.$1,000,000
NorthoaksNorthoaks1249 sq. ft.$910,000
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood829 sq. ft.$1,100,000
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood431 sq. ft.$620,000
bellewoodsbellewoods786 sq. ft.$628,000
WoodsvaleWoodsvale1313 sq. ft.$880,000
Woodgrove CondominiumWoodgrove Condominium2067 sq. ft.$1,600,000
La CasaLa Casa1184 sq. ft.$950,000
WoodsvaleWoodsvale1313 sq. ft.$950,000
CasablancaCasablanca904 sq. ft.$888,000
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood431 sq. ft.$650,000
CasablancaCasablanca1119 sq. ft.$1,020,000
WoodsvaleWoodsvale1410 sq. ft.$1,020,000
WoodsvaleWoodsvale1238 sq. ft.$908,000
CasablancaCasablanca904 sq. ft.$899,999
RosewoodRosewood1012 sq. ft.$915,000
CasablancaCasablanca936 sq. ft.$918,000
CasablancaCasablanca936 sq. ft.$900,000
ForestvilleForestville1033 sq. ft.$749,000
ForestvilleForestville1195 sq. ft.
ForestvilleForestville850 sq. ft.
CasablancaCasablanca1119 sq. ft.$980,000
WoodsvaleWoodsvale1313 sq. ft.$1,100,000
WoodsvaleWoodsvale1292 sq. ft.$840,000
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood1625 sq. ft.$1,600,000
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood1701 sq. ft.$1,680,000
La CasaLa Casa1141 sq. ft.$945,000
WoodsvaleWoodsvale1313 sq. ft.$870,000
La CasaLa Casa1184 sq. ft.$999,000
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood603 sq. ft.$798,888
RosewoodRosewood1173 sq. ft.$1,050,000
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood507 sq. ft.$640,000
WoodsvaleWoodsvale1410 sq. ft.$950,000
WoodsvaleWoodsvale1313 sq. ft.$915,000
WoodsvaleWoodsvale1432 sq. ft.$1,100,000
WoodsvaleWoodsvale1290 sq. ft.$920,000
WoodsvaleWoodsvale1292 sq. ft.$920,000
NorthoaksNorthoaks1292 sq. ft.$950,000
La CasaLa Casa1173 sq. ft.$980,888
NorthoaksNorthoaks1216 sq. ft.$895,000
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood603 sq. ft.$788,000
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood506 sq. ft.$623,000
La CasaLa Casa1238 sq. ft.$948,888
CasablancaCasablanca1184 sq. ft.$1,099,999
Woodgrove CondominiumWoodgrove Condominium1625 sq. ft.$1,300,000
NorthoaksNorthoaks1238 sq. ft.$930,000
BellewoodsBellewoods1345 sq. ft.
Woodgrove CondominiumWoodgrove Condominium1206 sq. ft.
Woodgrove CondominiumWoodgrove Condominium1518 sq. ft.
Woodgrove CondominiumWoodgrove Condominium1184 sq. ft.
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood603 sq. ft.$790,000
NorthoaksNorthoaks1216 sq. ft.$899,999
La CasaLa Casa926 sq. ft.$880,888
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood506 sq. ft.$635,000
La CasaLa Casa1173 sq. ft.$988,000
NorthoaksNorthoaks1216 sq. ft.$899,999
La CasaLa Casa1195 sq. ft.$1,030,000
La CasaLa Casa1141 sq. ft.$945,888
La CasaLa Casa1238 sq. ft.$925,888
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood603 sq. ft.$788,888
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood603 sq. ft.$788,888
Woodgrove CondominiumWoodgrove Condominium1238 sq. ft.$938,000
NorthoaksNorthoaks1054 sq. ft.$850,000
CasablancaCasablanca904 sq. ft.$900,000
Collins House at Melbourne-FreeholdCollins House at Melbourne-Freehold527 sq. ft.
The WoodgroveThe Woodgrove900 sq. ft.$818,000
Rosewood SuitesRosewood Suites1539 sq. ft.$1,238,000
Rosewood SuitesRosewood Suites2303 sq. ft.$1,900,000
Rosewood SuitesRosewood Suites667 sq. ft.$699,000
Rosewood SuitesRosewood Suites1906 sq. ft.$1,390,000
Rosewood SuitesRosewood Suites1227 sq. ft.$1,100,000
Rosewood SuitesRosewood Suites2303 sq. ft.$1,650,000
Rosewood SuitesRosewood Suites1927 sq. ft.$1,460,000
Rosewood SuitesRosewood Suites1098 sq. ft.$1,050,000
Rosewood SuitesRosewood Suites1119 sq. ft.$1,050,000
WoodhavenWoodhaven3358 sq. ft.$3,088,888
WoodhavenWoodhaven3358 sq. ft.$2,800,000
FOREIGNER ELIGIBLE TownHouse in WoodhavenFOREIGNER ELIGIBLE TownHouse in Woodhaven3358 sq. ft.$3,100,000
WoodhavenWoodhaven635 sq. ft.$830,000
WoodhavenWoodhaven624 sq. ft.$718,000

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