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Location Built UpPrice
WoodhavenWoodhaven850 sq. ft.$888,888
WoodhavenWoodhaven1023 sq. ft.$1,181,188
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood517 sq. ft.$598,000
BellewoodsBellewoods936 sq. ft.$694,000
WoodhavenWoodhaven624 sq. ft.$680,000
NorthoaksNorthoaks1249 sq. ft.$818,000
NorthoaksNorthoaks1249 sq. ft.$840,000
Northwave ECNorthwave EC979 sq. ft.$707,750
Northwave ECNorthwave EC1001 sq. ft.$723,900
Northwave ECNorthwave EC893 sq. ft.$662,150
Northwave ECNorthwave EC678 sq. ft.$505,400
Northwave ECNorthwave EC753 sq. ft.$542,450
Northwave ECNorthwave EC1270 sq. ft.$941,450
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood1765 sq. ft.$1,600,000
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood603 sq. ft.$740,000
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood506 sq. ft.$620,000
woodhavenwoodhaven624 sq. ft.$650,000
WOODHAVENWOODHAVEN850 sq. ft.$900,000
Northwave ECNorthwave EC893 sq. ft.$680,000
La CasaLa Casa980 sq. ft.$820,000
NorthoaksNorthoaks1249 sq. ft.$800,000
NorthoaksNorthoaks1270 sq. ft.$790,000
Woodgrove CondominiumWoodgrove Condominium1184 sq. ft.$1,000,000
Woodgrove CondominiumWoodgrove Condominium1517 sq. ft.$1,050,000
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood1270 sq. ft.$1,120,000
RosewoodRosewood1927 sq. ft.$1,320,000
RosewoodRosewood1626 sq. ft.$1,250,000
RosewoodRosewood2153 sq. ft.$1,550,000
The WoodsvaleThe Woodsvale1313 sq. ft.$815,000
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood506 sq. ft.$600,000
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood431 sq. ft.$588,000
Northwave ECNorthwave EC678 sq. ft.$505,400
Forestville ECForestville EC1033 sq. ft.$774,000
One KLOne KL3286 sq. ft.
Parc RosewoodParc Rosewood581 sq. ft.$670,000
NorthoaksNorthoaks1216 sq. ft.$790,000
WoodsvaleWoodsvale1227 sq. ft.$790,000
The WoodsvaleThe Woodsvale1227 sq. ft.$830,000
NorthoaksNorthoaks1238 sq. ft.$850,000
The WoodsvaleThe Woodsvale1410 sq. ft.$850,000
The WoodsvaleThe Woodsvale1356 sq. ft.$850,000
NorthoaksNorthoaks2347 sq. ft.$1,380,000
NorthoaksNorthoaks1604 sq. ft.$1,050,000
BellewoodsBellewoods1066 sq. ft.$824,000
The CriterionThe Criterion1249 sq. ft.$931,200
The CriterionThe Criterion893 sq. ft.$664,000
Rosewood SuitesRosewood Suites1927 sq. ft.$1,280,000
Rosewood SuitesRosewood Suites1926 sq. ft.$1,250,000
WoodhavenWoodhaven624 sq. ft.$689,000

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