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Location Property TypePrice
SengkangSengkang5 Room HDB Flat$420,000
Bukit MerahBukit Merah3 Room HDB Flat$360,000
WoodlandsWoodlands4 Room HDB Flat$348,000
WoodlandsWoodlands4 Room HDB Flat$345,000
WoodlandsWoodlands4 Room HDB Flat$333,000
Jurong WestJurong West4 Room HDB Flat$340,000
Choa Chu KangChoa Chu Kang5 Room HDB Flat$390,000
Jurong WestJurong West5 Room HDB Flat$399,000
WoodlandsWoodlands5 Room HDB Flat$399,000
SengkangSengkang5 Room HDB Flat$480,000
WoodlandsWoodlandsExecutive Maisonette$530,000
BishanBishan5 Room HDB Flat$648,000
Jurong EastJurong EastExecutive Apartment$830,000
Jurong EastJurong EastExecutive Apartment$825,000
PunggolPunggol5 Room HDB Flat$450,000
TampinesTampines5 Room HDB Flat$520,000
Toa PayohToa PayohExecutive Maisonette$950,000
WoodlandsWoodlands5 Room HDB Flat$450,000
Jurong WestJurong West3 Room HDB Flat$290,000
Jurong WestJurong West3 Room HDB Flat$300,000
Jurong EastJurong East4 Room HDB Flat$430,000
Jurong WestJurong West4 Room HDB Flat$370,000
Jurong WestJurong West4 Room HDB Flat$500,000
Jurong WestJurong West5 Room HDB Flat$450,000
SembawangSembawang4 Room HDB Flat$350,000
Toa PayohToa Payoh4 Room HDB Flat$398,888
TampinesTampinesExecutive Maisonette$758,888
HougangHougang5 Room HDB Flat$540,000
SengkangSengkang5 Room HDB Flat$450,000
PunggolPunggol4 Room HDB Flat$418,000
PunggolPunggol4 Room HDB Flat$558,000
BedokBedok4 Room HDB Flat$608,000
SengkangSengkang5 Room HDB Flat$438,000
BedokBedok3 Room HDB Flat$285,000
SembawangSembawangExecutive Condo$815,500
Jurong EastJurong EastExecutive Condo$748,000
WoodlandsWoodlandsExecutive Condo$636,000
PunggolPunggolExecutive Condo$790,000
Choa Chu KangChoa Chu KangExecutive Condo$722,000
Jurong WestJurong WestExecutive Condo$620,000
YishunYishunExecutive Condo$530,000
SengkangSengkangExecutive Condo$735,000
SengkangSengkangExecutive Apartment$585,000
Ang Mo KioAng Mo KioExecutive Apartment$750,000
Bukit MerahBukit Merah4 Room HDB Flat$738,000
SembawangSembawangExecutive Apartment$520,000
WoodlandsWoodlands4 Room HDB Flat$415,000
Toa PayohToa Payoh4 Room HDB Flat$638,000
Jurong WestJurong West3 Room HDB Flat$250,000
Jurong WestJurong West4 Room HDB Flat$360,000
Ang Mo KioAng Mo Kio3 Room HDB Flat$300,000
Pasir RisPasir Ris4 Room HDB Flat$425,000
HougangHougang4 Room HDB Flat$438,000
Bukit BatokBukit Batok4 Room HDB Flat$450,000
PunggolPunggol4 Room HDB Flat$445,000
SengkangSengkang4 Room HDB Flat$440,000
HougangHougang4 Room HDB Flat$410,000
Jurong WestJurong West4 Room HDB Flat$378,000
TampinesTampines5 Room HDB Flat$500,000
TampinesTampines5 Room HDB Flat$615,000
TampinesTampines5 Room HDB Flat$560,000
TampinesTampines5 Room HDB Flat$630,000
Pasir RisPasir Ris5 Room HDB Flat$460,000
HougangHougang5 Room HDB Flat$480,000
TampinesTampines5 Room HDB Flat$535,000
TampinesTampines5 Room HDB Flat$590,000
HougangHougangExecutive Apartment$580,000
TampinesTampinesExecutive Apartment$845,000
HougangHougangExecutive Maisonette$700,000
HougangHougangExecutive Maisonette$850,000
TampinesTampinesExecutive Maisonette$698,000
Toa PayohToa Payoh3 Room HDB Flat$288,000
BishanBishan3 Room HDB Flat$399,000
Toa PayohToa Payoh5 Room HDB Flat$548,000
KallangWhampoaKallangWhampoa5 Room HDB Flat$818,000
PunggolPunggol5 Room HDB Flat$500,000
TampinesTampines3 Room HDB Flat$355,000
GeylangGeylang4 Room HDB Flat$680,000
Bukit BatokBukit Batok4 Room HDB Flat$428,000
HougangHougang4 Room HDB Flat$470,000
WoodlandsWoodlands4 Room HDB Flat$418,000
WoodlandsWoodlands5 Room HDB Flat$400,000
Jurong WestJurong West5 Room HDB Flat$428,000
WoodlandsWoodlandsJumbo HDB Flats$700,000
SengkangSengkang5 Room HDB Flat$580,000
SembawangSembawangExecutive Apartment$520,000
WoodlandsWoodlands3 Room HDB Flat$290,000
KallangWhampoaKallangWhampoa4 Room HDB Flat$468,000
TampinesTampines4 Room HDB Flat$468,000
PunggolPunggol5 Room HDB Flat$480,000
QueenstownQueenstown4 Room HDB Flat$850,000
Bukit MerahBukit Merah5 Room HDB Flat$640,000
Bukit MerahBukit Merah5 Room HDB Flat$920,000
WoodlandsWoodlands3 Room HDB Flat$299,000
Bukit PanjangBukit Panjang4 Room HDB Flat$420,000
Bukit PanjangBukit Panjang3 Room HDB Flat$355,000
SengkangSengkang3 Room HDB Flat$430,000
TampinesTampines3 Room HDB Flat$630,000
SengkangSengkang4 Room HDB Flat$425,000
ClementiClementi3 Room HDB Flat$680,000

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