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HougangHDB Flats for Sale

Location Built UpPrice
HougangHougang64 sq. m$275,000
HougangHougang732 sq. ft.$310,000
HougangHougang721 sq. ft.$313,000
HougangHougang72 sq. m$320,000
HougangHougang73 sq. m$300,000
HougangHougang67 sq. m
HougangHougang722 sq. ft.$310,000
HougangHougang722 sq. ft.$310,000
HougangHougang72 sq. m$368,000
HougangHougang59 sq. m$300,000
HougangHougang721 sq. ft.$308,000
HougangHougang721 sq. ft.$308,000
HougangHougang721 sq. ft.$290,000
HougangHougang721 sq. ft.$378,000
HougangHougang67 sq. m$320,000
HougangHougang721 sq. ft.$330,000
HougangHougang646 sq. ft.$328,000
HougangHougang786 sq. ft.$380,000
HougangHougang721 sq. ft.$380,000
HougangHougang67 sq. m$330,000
HougangHougang721 sq. ft.$330,000
HougangHougang721 sq. ft.$300,000
HougangHougang742 sq. ft.$318,000
HougangHougang59 sq. m$295,000
HougangHougang722 sq. ft.$330,000
HougangHougang721 sq. ft.$340,000
HougangHougang721 sq. ft.
HougangHougang721 sq. ft.$330,000
HougangHougang721 sq. ft.$320,000
HougangHougang721 sq. ft.$320,000
HougangHougang721 sq. ft.$320,000
HougangHougang753 sq. ft.$360,000
HougangHougang699 sq. ft.$320,000
HougangHougang700 sq. ft.
HougangHougang721 sq. ft.
HougangHougang721 sq. ft.
HougangHougang786 sq. ft.
HougangHougang689 sq. ft.$320,000
HougangHougang721 sq. ft.
HougangHougang947 sq. ft.
HougangHougang764 sq. ft.$350,000
HougangHougang721 sq. ft.$325,000
HougangHougang1119 sq. ft.$450,000
HougangHougang1216 sq. ft.$530,000
HougangHougang90 sq. m$420,000
HougangHougang1067 sq. ft.$450,000
HougangHougang1012 sq. ft.$380,000
HougangHougang1140 sq. ft.$475,000
HougangHougang86 sq. ft.$400,000
HougangHougang1119 sq. ft.$390,000
HougangHougang1173 sq. ft.$468,800
HougangHougang1076 sq. ft.$440,000
HougangHougang103 sq. m$440,000
HougangHougang1108 sq. ft.
HougangHougang103 sq. m$440,000
HougangHougang93 sq. m$390,000
HougangHougang101 sq. m$450,000
HougangHougang1119 sq. ft.$530,000
HougangHougang1119 sq. ft.$399,000
HougangHougang1130 sq. ft.$470,000
HougangHougang101 sq. m
HougangHougang969 sq. ft.$420,000
HougangHougang905 sq. ft.$383,000
HougangHougang1120 sq. ft.$445,000
HougangHougang1173 sq. ft.$418,888
HougangHougang105 sq. m$430,000
HougangHougang980 sq. ft.$380,000
HougangHougang103 sq. ft.
HougangHougang103 sq. m$408,000
HougangHougang1108 sq. ft.$438,000
HougangHougang107 sq. ft.$380,000
HougangHougang1119 sq. ft.$420,000
HougangHougang101 sq. m$430,000
HougangHougang104 sq. m$500,000
HougangHougang904 sq. ft.$378,888
HougangHougang1119 sq. ft.$400,000
HougangHougang1076 sq. ft.$450,000
HougangHougang1119 sq. ft.$400,000
HougangHougang968 sq. ft.
HougangHougang1130 sq. ft.$435,000
HougangHougang1119 sq. ft.$435,000
HougangHougang957 sq. ft.$420,000
HougangHougang84 sq. m$370,000
HougangHougang1130 sq. ft.$500,000
HougangHougang109 sq. m$418,888
HougangHougang109 sq. m$418,888
HougangHougang1689 sq. ft.$1,150,000
HougangHougang904 sq. ft.$435,000
HougangHougang1291 sq. ft.$595,000
HougangHougang1119 sq. ft.$455,000
HougangHougang914 sq. ft.$415,000
HougangHougang990 sq. ft.$455,000
HougangHougang904 sq. ft.$392,000
HougangHougang968 sq. ft.$445,000
HougangHougang904 sq. ft.$410,000
HougangHougang979 sq. ft.$440,000
HougangHougang1108 sq. ft.$455,000
HougangHougang1076 sq. ft.$480,000
HougangHougang1130 sq. ft.$410,000
HougangHougang104 sq. m$430,000
HougangHougang1087 sq. ft.$450,000
HougangHougang1108 sq. ft.$455,000
HougangHougang1076 sq. ft.$455,000
HougangHougang1087 sq. ft.
HougangHougang1119 sq. ft.$428,000
HougangHougang915 sq. ft.$440,000
HougangHougang968 sq. ft.$430,000
HougangHougang104 sq. m$380,000
HougangHougang1076 sq. ft.$385,000
HougangHougang1087 sq. ft.$405,000
HougangHougang968 sq. ft.$399,000
HougangHougang904 sq. ft.
HougangHougang1119 sq. ft.
HougangHougang1000 sq. ft.$470,000
HougangHougang1075 sq. ft.$450,000
HougangHougang990 sq. ft.
HougangHougang1087 sq. ft.$470,000
HougangHougang90 sq. m$400,000
HougangHougang1119 sq. ft.$445,000
HougangHougang1076 sq. ft.$445,000
HougangHougang914 sq. ft.$410,000
HougangHougang1140 sq. ft.$465,000
HougangHougang1000 sq. ft.$390,000
HougangHougang1163 sq. ft.$480,000
HougangHougang1173 sq. ft.
HougangHougang980 sq. ft.
HougangHougang904 sq. ft.
HougangHougang980 sq. ft.$426,000
HougangHougang1120 sq. ft.
HougangHougang1130 sq. ft.
HougangHougang1130 sq. ft.
HougangHougang1076 sq. ft.$440,000
HougangHougang1119 sq. ft.$400,000
HougangHougang1119 sq. ft.
HougangHougang1140 sq. ft.$447,000
HougangHougang990 sq. ft.
HougangHougang1001 sq. ft.
HougangHougang1108 sq. ft.$495,000
HougangHougang1087 sq. ft.$425,000
HougangHougang1119 sq. ft.$500,000
HougangHougang1108 sq. ft.$440,000
HougangHougang721 sq. ft.$330,000
HougangHougang968 sq. ft.$378,000
HougangHougang914 sq. ft.$400,000
HougangHougang101 sq. m$400,000
HougangHougang103 sq. m$410,000
HougangHougang1313 sq. ft.$530,000
HougangHougang120 sq. m$500,000
HougangHougang1356 sq. ft.$728,000
HougangHougang1302 sq. ft.$520,000
HougangHougang1313 sq. ft.$800,000
HougangHougang1184 sq. ft.$450,000
HougangHougang1184 sq. ft.$465,000
HougangHougang1302 sq. ft.$490,000
HougangHougang1291 sq. ft.$525,000
HougangHougang1291 sq. ft.$560,000
HougangHougang1421 sq. ft.$560,000
HougangHougang110 sq. m$450,000
HougangHougang118 sq. m$500,000
HougangHougang1314 sq. ft.$530,000
HougangHougang1000 sq. ft.$425,000
HougangHougang1346 sq. ft.$575,000
HougangHougang110 sq. m$475,000
HougangHougang1184 sq. ft.$510,000
HougangHougang1302 sq. ft.$590,000
HougangHougang1292 sq. ft.$500,000
HougangHougang118 sq. m$500,000
HougangHougang1291 sq. ft.$498,000
HougangHougang1313 sq. ft.$540,000
HougangHougang1302 sq. ft.$620,000
HougangHougang1291 sq. ft.$500,000
HougangHougang1270 sq. ft.$550,000
HougangHougang110 sq. ft.$500,000
HougangHougang121 sq. m$590,000
HougangHougang110 sq. m$500,000
HougangHougang1464 sq. ft.
HougangHougang120 sq. m$535,000
HougangHougang1291 sq. ft.$520,000
HougangHougang1184 sq. ft.$518,000
HougangHougang1313 sq. ft.$540,000
HougangHougang1313 sq. ft.$515,000
HougangHougang1528 sq. ft.$950,000
HougangHougang1248 sq. ft.
HougangHougang1582 sq. ft.$830,000
HougangHougang1722 sq. ft.$1,050,000
HougangHougang1550 sq. ft.
HougangHougang1301 sq. ft.
HougangHougang133 sq. m$688,000
HougangHougang1302 sq. ft.$600,000
HougangHougang1291 sq. ft.$505,000
HougangHougang1302 sq. ft.$570,000
HougangHougang1248 sq. ft.$493,000
HougangHougang1463 sq. ft.$650,000
HougangHougang1206 sq. ft.
HougangHougang1302 sq. ft.
HougangHougang1292 sq. ft.$540,000
HougangHougang1184 sq. ft.$510,000
HougangHougang1292 sq. ft.
HougangHougang1184 sq. ft.
HougangHougang1313 sq. ft.$500,000
HougangHougang1324 sq. ft.
HougangHougang1475 sq. ft.$580,000
HougangHougang1464 sq. ft.$950,000
HougangHougang1464 sq. ft.$650,000
HougangHougang1302 sq. ft.$510,000
HougangHougang1302 sq. ft.$530,000
HougangHougang1302 sq. ft.$605,000
HougangHougang1302 sq. ft.$525,000
HougangHougang1180 sq. ft.$488,000
HougangHougang1636 sq. ft.$928,888
HougangHougang1453 sq. ft.$630,000
HougangHougang144 sq. m$620,000
HougangHougang1539 sq. ft.$628,000
HougangHougang1475 sq. ft.$608,000
HougangHougang1474 sq. ft.$608,000
HougangHougang1539 sq. ft.$640,000
HougangHougang1474 sq. ft.$600,000
HougangHougang1474 sq. ft.$800,000
HougangHougang1474 sq. ft.$608,000
HougangHougang1528 sq. ft.
HougangHougang1496 sq. ft.$1,113,000
HougangHougang140 sq. m$599,990
HougangHougang146 sq. m
HougangHougang145 sq. m$650,000
HougangHougang153 sq. m$780,000
HougangHougang1647 sq. ft.$780,000
HougangHougang153 sq. ft.$780,000
HougangHougang153 sq. ft.$780,000
HougangHougang1646 sq. ft.$780,000
HougangHougang1722 sq. ft.
HougangHougang1571 sq. ft.$700,000
HougangHougang140 sq. m$700,000
HougangHougang1593 sq. ft.$825,000
HougangHougang1582 sq. ft.$720,000
HougangHougang1593 sq. ft.$635,000
HougangHougang1550 sq. ft.$650,000
HougangHougang1593 sq. ft.$838,000
HougangHougang1679 sq. ft.$700,000
HougangHougang1571 sq. ft.$725,000
HougangHougang1506 sq. ft.$665,000
HougangHougang1517 sq. ft.$735,000
HougangHougang1463 sq. ft.$665,000
HougangHougang152 sq. m$760,000

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