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BedokHDB Flats for Sale

Location Built UpPrice
BedokBedok473 sq. ft.$282,000
BedokBedok732 sq. ft.$315,000
BedokBedok721 sq. ft.$370,000
BedokBedok65 sq. ft.$300,000
BedokBedok67 sq. m
BedokBedok85 sq. ft.$300,000
BedokBedok67 sq. ft.$320,000
BedokBedok775 sq. ft.$355,000
BedokBedok721 sq. ft.$290,000
BedokBedok731 sq. ft.$310,000
BedokBedok882 sq. ft.
BedokBedok731 sq. ft.$308,000
BedokBedok882 sq. ft.$385,000
BedokBedok721 sq. ft.$340,000
BedokBedok731 sq. ft.$325,000
BedokBedok68 sq. m$299,000
BedokBedok65 sq. m$355,000
BedokBedok67 sq. m$315,000
BedokBedok68 sq. m$330,000
BedokBedok68 sq. m$320,000
BedokBedok67 sq. m$320,000
BedokBedok67 sq. m$350,000
BedokBedok60 sq. m$300,000
BedokBedok67 sq. m$325,000
BedokBedok73 sq. m$370,000
BedokBedok68 sq. m$330,000
BedokBedok66 sq. m$340,000
BedokBedok67 sq. m$380,000
BedokBedok70 sq. m$320,000
BedokBedok65 sq. m$310,000
BedokBedok65 sq. m$310,000
BedokBedok80 sq. m$355,000
BedokBedok69 sq. ft.$355,000
BedokBedok65 sq. m$335,000
BedokBedok732 sq. ft.$330,000
BedokBedok861 sq. ft.$355,000
BedokBedok732 sq. ft.$350,000
BedokBedok904 sq. ft.$350,000
BedokBedok721 sq. ft.$340,000
BedokBedok731 sq. ft.$340,000
BedokBedok731 sq. ft.$370,000
BedokBedok635 sq. ft.$300,000
BedokBedok893 sq. ft.$350,000
BedokBedok65 sq. m$325,000
BedokBedok721 sq. ft.$319,000
BedokBedok721 sq. ft.$308,000
BedokBedok65 sq. m$340,000
BedokBedok73 sq. m$385,000
BedokBedok67 sq. m$290,000
BedokBedok635 sq. ft.$305,000
BedokBedok67 sq. ft.
BedokBedok67 sq. m$320,000
BedokBedok70 sq. m$315,000
BedokBedok82 sq. m$338,000
BedokBedok67 sq. m$345,000
BedokBedok67 sq. m$340,000
BedokBedok59 sq. m$320,000
BedokBedok721 sq. ft.$330,000
BedokBedok732 sq. ft.$308,000
BedokBedok62 sq. m$340,000
BedokBedok67 sq. m$310,000
BedokBedok96 sq. ft.$440,000
BedokBedok67 sq. m$350,000
BedokBedok82 sq. m$455,000
BedokBedok67 sq. m$365,000
BedokBedok73 sq. m$365,000
BedokBedok67 sq. m$360,000
BedokBedok699 sq. ft.$285,000
BedokBedok818 sq. ft.$320,000
BedokBedok721 sq. ft.$345,000
BedokBedok721 sq. ft.$330,000
BedokBedok67 sq. m$330,000
BedokBedok721 sq. ft.$305,000
BedokBedok721 sq. ft.$375,000
BedokBedok721 sq. ft.$350,000
BedokBedok743 sq. ft.$470,000
BedokBedok731 sq. ft.$320,000
BedokBedok721 sq. ft.$365,000
BedokBedok699 sq. ft.$350,000
BedokBedok721 sq. ft.
BedokBedok883 sq. ft.
BedokBedok635 sq. ft.
BedokBedok635 sq. ft.$300,000
BedokBedok786 sq. ft.
BedokBedok721 sq. ft.$359,000
BedokBedok646 sq. ft.$320,000
BedokBedok635 sq. ft.$310,000
BedokBedok732 sq. ft.$330,000
BedokBedok721 sq. ft.$370,000
BedokBedok731 sq. ft.$325,000
BedokBedok721 sq. ft.$375,000
BedokBedok721 sq. ft.$355,000
BedokBedok721 sq. ft.$320,000
BedokBedok792 sq. ft.$345,000
BedokBedok731 sq. ft.$335,000
BedokBedok667 sq. ft.$300,000
BedokBedok721 sq. ft.$350,000
BedokBedok721 sq. ft.$375,000
BedokBedok1023 sq. ft.$410,000
BedokBedok83 sq. m
BedokBedok92 sq. m
BedokBedok990 sq. ft.$395,000
BedokBedok990 sq. ft.$438,000
BedokBedok101 sq. m$405,000
BedokBedok979 sq. ft.$408,000
BedokBedok990 sq. ft.$460,000
BedokBedok105 sq. m$498,000
BedokBedok1023 sq. ft.$410,000
BedokBedok91 sq. m$428,000
BedokBedok904 sq. ft.
BedokBedok92 sq. m$515,000
BedokBedok92 sq. m$450,000
BedokBedok94 sq. m$640,000
BedokBedok94 sq. m$645,000
BedokBedok92 sq. m$450,000
BedokBedok106 sq. m$490,000
BedokBedok92 sq. m$470,000
BedokBedok92 sq. m$400,000
BedokBedok904 sq. ft.$420,000
BedokBedok104 sq. ft.$472,000
BedokBedok92 sq. ft.$400,000
BedokBedok107 sq. ft.$480,000
BedokBedok84 sq. ft.$375,000
BedokBedok990 sq. ft.$420,000
BedokBedok84 sq. m$428,000
BedokBedok904 sq. ft.$365,000
BedokBedok958 sq. ft.$388,000
BedokBedok990 sq. ft.$498,000
BedokBedok990 sq. ft.$455,000
BedokBedok990 sq. ft.$415,000
BedokBedok1130 sq. ft.$465,000
BedokBedok990 sq. ft.$420,000
BedokBedok990 sq. ft.$400,000
BedokBedok97 sq. m$688,000
BedokBedok904 sq. ft.$372,000
BedokBedok990 sq. ft.$390,000
BedokBedok904 sq. ft.$400,000
BedokBedok83 sq. m$448,000
BedokBedok92 sq. m$430,000
BedokBedok97 sq. m$470,000
BedokBedok84 sq. m$365,000
BedokBedok105 sq. m$465,000
BedokBedok84 sq. m$400,000
BedokBedok1001 sq. ft.$400,000
BedokBedok92 sq. m$425,000
BedokBedok84 sq. m$418,000
BedokBedok92 sq. m$418,000
BedokBedok990 sq. ft.$478,000
BedokBedok904 sq. ft.$450,000
BedokBedok990 sq. ft.$460,000
BedokBedok904 sq. ft.$385,000
BedokBedok904 sq. ft.$385,000
BedokBedok990 sq. ft.$450,000
BedokBedok904 sq. ft.$390,000
BedokBedok926 sq. ft.$599,000
BedokBedok904 sq. ft.$435,000
BedokBedok1055 sq. ft.$442,000
BedokBedok1055 sq. ft.$449,000
BedokBedok1001 sq. ft.$420,000
BedokBedok1001 sq. ft.$415,000
BedokBedok904 sq. ft.$440,000
BedokBedok990 sq. ft.$400,000
BedokBedok936 sq. ft.$482,000
BedokBedok1130 sq. ft.$530,000
BedokBedok1130 sq. ft.$470,000
BedokBedok904 sq. ft.$420,000
BedokBedok904 sq. ft.$530,000
BedokBedok990 sq. ft.$575,000
BedokBedok990 sq. ft.$410,000
BedokBedok92 sq. m$430,000
BedokBedok990 sq. ft.$430,000
BedokBedok1130 sq. ft.$460,000
BedokBedok936 sq. ft.$645,000
BedokBedok904 sq. ft.$415,000
BedokBedok1238 sq. ft.$570,000
BedokBedok1259 sq. ft.$540,000
BedokBedok1281 sq. ft.$510,000
BedokBedok121 sq. m$540,000
BedokBedok119 sq. m$620,000
BedokBedok117 sq. m$510,000
BedokBedok117 sq. m$560,000
BedokBedok1302 sq. ft.$455,000
BedokBedok132 sq. m$565,000
BedokBedok118 sq. m$700,000
BedokBedok1280 sq. ft.$650,000
BedokBedok1281 sq. ft.$600,000
BedokBedok1184 sq. ft.$575,000
BedokBedok1335 sq. ft.$558,000
BedokBedok1280 sq. ft.$700,000
BedokBedok1323 sq. ft.$530,000
BedokBedok1313 sq. ft.$510,000
BedokBedok124 sq. m$578,000
BedokBedok122 sq. m$570,000
BedokBedok133 sq. m$530,000
BedokBedok119 sq. m$570,000
BedokBedok117 sq. m$570,000
BedokBedok118 sq. m$520,000
BedokBedok121 sq. m$550,000
BedokBedok119 sq. m$650,000
BedokBedok1302 sq. ft.$530,000
BedokBedok1302 sq. ft.$460,000
BedokBedok1302 sq. ft.
BedokBedok1302 sq. ft.
BedokBedok1281 sq. ft.$620,000
BedokBedok1281 sq. ft.$620,000
BedokBedok1378 sq. ft.$568,000
BedokBedok1280 sq. ft.
BedokBedok1280 sq. ft.$655,000
BedokBedok1259 sq. ft.
BedokBedok1205 sq. ft.$530,000
BedokBedok1291 sq. ft.$495,000
BedokBedok1205 sq. ft.$530,000
BedokBedok1206 sq. ft.$530,000
BedokBedok1302 sq. ft.$748,000
BedokBedok1302 sq. ft.$595,000
BedokBedok1291 sq. ft.$688,000
BedokBedok1539 sq. ft.$695,000
BedokBedok1518 sq. ft.$725,000
BedokBedok150 sq. m$745,000
BedokBedok1500 sq. ft.
BedokBedok141 sq. m$785,000
BedokBedok1615 sq. ft.$715,000
BedokBedok1259 sq. ft.$620,000
BedokBedok1539 sq. ft.$770,000
BedokBedok150 sq. m$715,000
BedokBedok1540 sq. ft.$695,000
BedokBedok1571 sq. ft.$652,888
BedokBedok1571 sq. ft.$718,000
BedokBedok1550 sq. ft.$900,000
BedokBedok1572 sq. ft.$665,000
BedokBedok1507 sq. ft.$555,000
BedokBedok1614 sq. ft.$690,000
BedokBedok1572 sq. ft.$825,000
BedokBedok138 sq. m$800,000

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