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BedokHDB Flats for Rent

Location Built UpPrice
BedokBedok68 sq. m$2,000
BedokBedok68 sq. ft.$2,400
BedokBedok67 sq. m$1,000
BedokBedok893 sq. ft.$2,300
BedokBedok721 sq. ft.$2,000
BedokBedok118 sq. ft.$600
BedokBedok300 sq. ft.$2,000
BedokBedok100 sq. ft.$550
BedokBedok73 sq. m$950
BedokBedok73 sq. m$750
BedokBedok732 sq. ft.$2,100
BedokBedok904 sq. ft.$2,300
BedokBedok6 sq. m$400
BedokBedok6 sq. m$400
BedokBedok6 sq. m$380
BedokBedok14 sq. m$600
BedokBedok14 sq. m$600
BedokBedok19 sq. m$800
BedokBedok130 sq. ft.$650
BedokBedok88 sq. ft.$2,100
BedokBedok97 sq. ft.$550
BedokBedok65 sq. m$1,900
BedokBedok59 sq. m$1,700
BedokBedok67 sq. m$2,100
BedokBedok602 sq. ft.$2,000
BedokBedok669 sq. ft.$1,600
BedokBedok200 sq. ft.$1,000
BedokBedok883 sq. ft.$2,200
BedokBedok883 sq. ft.$2,400
BedokBedok0 sq. ft.$650
BedokBedok0 sq. ft.$500
BedokBedok0 sq. ft.$270
BedokBedok90 sq. ft.$550
BedokBedok699 sq. ft.$2,000
BedokBedok150 sq. ft.$550
BedokBedok140 sq. ft.$700
BedokBedok100 sq. ft.$600
BedokBedok882 sq. ft.$2,000
BedokBedok750 sq. ft.$2,400
BedokBedok67 sq. m$2,200
BedokBedok60 sq. m$1,500
BedokBedok67 sq. ft.$750
BedokBedok110 sq. ft.$500
BedokBedok67 sq. m$2,000
BedokBedok720 sq. ft.$1,900
BedokBedok720 sq. ft.$2,100
BedokBedok96 sq. m$2,300
BedokBedok699 sq. ft.$2,300
BedokBedok104 sq. m$2,500
BedokBedok92 sq. m$2,400
BedokBedok95 sq. m$900
BedokBedok129 sq. ft.$650
BedokBedok10 sq. m$850
BedokBedok120 sq. ft.$600
BedokBedok120 sq. ft.$550
BedokBedok150 sq. ft.$800
BedokBedok14 sq. m$550
BedokBedok14 sq. m$550
BedokBedok14 sq. m$750
BedokBedok14 sq. m$650
BedokBedok14 sq. m$750
BedokBedok130 sq. ft.$550
BedokBedok900 sq. ft.$2,300
BedokBedok150 sq. ft.$850
BedokBedok130 sq. ft.$650
BedokBedok1119 sq. ft.$700
BedokBedok110 sq. ft.$2,800
BedokBedok1000 sq. ft.$2,900
BedokBedok1000 sq. ft.$2,600
BedokBedok130 sq. ft.$650
BedokBedok150 sq. ft.$400
BedokBedok150 sq. ft.$600
BedokBedok183 sq. ft.$650
BedokBedok100 sq. ft.$700
BedokBedok10 sq. m$1,000
BedokBedok10 sq. m$650
BedokBedok150 sq. ft.$850
BedokBedok1200 sq. ft.$3,000
BedokBedok94 sq. ft.$2,300
BedokBedok92 sq. m$2,600
BedokBedok150 sq. ft.$650
BedokBedok130 sq. ft.$800
BedokBedok150 sq. ft.$580
BedokBedok1258 sq. ft.$3,000
BedokBedok133 sq. m$2,750
BedokBedok1200 sq. ft.$2,500
BedokBedok20 sq. m$1,200
BedokBedok126 sq. ft.$2,500
BedokBedok1291 sq. ft.$2,300
BedokBedok450 sq. ft.$1,100
BedokBedok1450 sq. ft.$2,500
BedokBedok1237 sq. ft.$2,250
BedokBedok1184 sq. ft.$2,800
BedokBedok150 sq. ft.$800
BedokBedok1259 sq. ft.$2,800
BedokBedok1259 sq. ft.$2,800
BedokBedok110 sq. ft.$2,800
BedokBedok160 sq. ft.$650
BedokBedok122 sq. m$2,500
BedokBedok110 sq. m$2,700
BedokBedok1571 sq. ft.$2,900

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