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Magnetic Melbourne
Nov 24, 2015

Victoria’s capital city is looking more and more appealing for property investors. We discover this market’s history, and discuss why it is now so popular.When he turned 26 in 2012, Timothy Tan made the biggest purchase of his life: a 59 sqm one bedr...

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Piece by Piece - Tips for Spacious Homes
Sep 29, 2015

The owner of this spacious Urban Resort condominium apartment loved what Ciseern did for his first home. So when it came to the design of his second property, which he intended to rent out, he handed the design reins over to Ciseern once more. The re...

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Melbourne’s Twin Peaks
Nov 26, 2015

As if the property scene in one of the loveliest Asia-Pacfic cities could not get more exciting enough, add towering twin 80-storey residential blocks and with almost 2,000 retailers in arm’s reach and there is buzz upon buzz. Melbourne‘s...

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Upcoming Property Launches

Event: Sims Urban Oasis Developer: Guocoland Venue: Junction of Sims Drive & Aljunied Road

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