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  • PROPERTY NEWSApr 17, 2014

    Week in Review - 17 April 2014

    Lower home prices may soon be a norm, continued bleak outlook for private home market, TDSR continues to reign in buyers, commercial property transactions set to pick up, Woodlands Regional Centre may be the next popular precinct in SingaporeIn this ...

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  • PROPERTY NEWSApr 16, 2014

    Cooling Measures, have we ‘broken the ice’?

    Most of us have been caught in situations when we were thrown into environments filled with unfamiliar faces talking about topics that were, should I say, foreign. In a way, this is very much like the long-running soap opera series of cooling measure...

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  • PROPERTY NEWSApr 14, 2014

    iProperty 360 Views - The changing tactics of property marketing

    Some developers have begun to use multiple marketing agencies to sell their developments. This is a change from the typical practice of using single or at the most, two marketing agencies. iProperty speaks to Eric Tan, Associate District Director, Re...

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  • BLOGApr 22, 2014

    Commonwealth – Properties not so common

    Considered on the city fringe, just a little way off Alexandra which is an area popular with expatriates, Commonwealth may see renewed buyers’ interest as new private condominiums enter the mix. The latest launch is Commonwealth Towers on Commo...

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  • BLOGApr 21, 2014

    New launches expected but at staggered timings

    The market is somewhat dense with many units unable to leave the sales shelves. But the buying crowd is expecting new launches to whet their appetite. And perhaps this is the indirect way to help move existing properties as new properties provide gro...

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